1. D

    platforms for posting adult tube hosts

    Hi, I am new to this world and I would like to get your help about ppd posting I have some good adult quality content and I'd like to post them with tube hosts like goounlimited,etc.. I don't have a blog or website so I need to post them in forums or blogs can you give me good forums or...
  2. M

    asian niche LE

    Hello all, I would like to set up some link exchanges to increase traffic in the asian adult niche. I have a tube site with gets around 2000+ organic traffic a month . Looking to boost this and expand with partners with LE on main site. site is pm me or reply and...
  3. JimmyStephans

    Tube Script Search

    I'm looking into a Tube site project (not adult) and hope to read some quick reviews or comments on various scripts. Specifically - I'm looking for a script that is good at handling "partner" accounts or maybe they should be "contributor" accounts. Much like YouTube, where contributors share in...
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