1. N

    A tool to submit your site to google and other search engines

    I recently needed to develop multiple sites quickly and found it too much trouble to have to log in and submit multiple sites to google. So I made this tool to help me submit my sites to Google. It works with Bing as well. Note that you should submit the url of your sitemap, and not your domain...
  2. Sp4rtan

    Selling NoMoreDeadLinks Project

    What is about NoMoreDeadLinks Project is a php based system, to handle video deletion of file-sharing-hosts due of DMCA reports & inactivity. A perfect link handler for your streaming website. It works for any website, custom or wordpress or any CMS. How it works Our php module creates a custom...
  3. Sp4rtan

    Selling Stream Hoster Tool

    Hello to everyone! Stream Hoster Tool is a project about managing videos and links from various hosts. Tool offers a lot of important functions needed for any movie stream website owner. Tool provides Remote Upload by URL to all hosts at once Remote Upload by server’s files to all hosts at...
  4. R

    Bringing back the good days

    so i am going to bring back my old sites. It will be like USAWarez/DLThenet but a bit different, anyone wants to help? I don't care who you are, I just need a new team. I will be able to distinguish if you are going to stick around or not. Where is DXS, iMage, Ultima, or Cobra? Are you there...
  5. sohom

    Online Grammar Checker site

    Site URL : Hope you would like it Regards
  6. Onessa

    cPanel Troubleshooter Tech Support Toolkit

    Originally posted on As a web hosting tech support agent for almost 10 years now, I have grown tired of doing a lot of repetitive tasks such as manually pulling the DNS and going to multiple websites to check SPF and various other stuff. Also got...
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