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  1. hostechsuppor

    Selling Server Management and Technical Support Service for hosting as well as Data centres

    Our competent and user-friendly support service helps to deal with choice, Linux/Windows Server Management, DNS server settings, MySQL support, Cpanel Server Management, Server installation & configuration management, Plesk management, Server optimization, 3rd party installations, 24x7 Server...
  2. hostechsuppor

    Selling Get VPS Management Services

    VPS server management offers the specifications and benefits of dedicated and shared hosting. VPS server management assists the users with complete independence and control over authentic server procedures. Our Server Management Plan is designed for individuals, hosting companies and data...
  3. B

    Halloween Offers

    Grab our special offers this Halloween on Supportsages. QUASI DEDICATED SUPPORT: You get the quality of dedicated support at the expense of a shared support team. And guess what?? You are one of the chosen ones to get an exclusive 10% off on our Quasi dedicated support. Use the coupon code...
  4. hostechsuppor

    Selling 24x7 Linux Server Management, Server Administration, Server Optimization, Server Migration

    Whether it is Linux or Windows, Server Management, Server administration, cPanel Server management, Server migration, Server monitoring, VPS management, Cloud server management or any other digital services, HostechSupport, your 24x7 Trusted Technical Support partner delivers you the best...
  5. hostechsuppor

    Selling Server Management Services just at 25 USD per month

    HostechSupport offers its customers ‘The Best Support Experience in the Industry’. We are a privately held technical support provider offering a quality performance for small as well as medium-sized enterprises. This enables our clients to obtain cost-effective 24x7 support services for their...
  6. hostechsuppor

    Selling Need Virtual Assistance for your Clients?

    - Thinking about a Trustworthy Tech Support partner? - Need Live-Chat Support for your Clients? - Worried about providing an Affordable but Trusted Customer Support Service for your Clients? We are Glad to announce a new integration that will be useful for companies looking for reliable and...
  7. hostechsuppor

    How to Install and Configure VNC Server on Ubuntu?

    How to Install and Configure VNC Server on Ubuntu? can anyone suggest?
  8. hostechsuppor

    Selling Managing your Linux/Windows Server is Easy Now...

    HostechSupport Proud to be a 24x7 Remote Technical Support Partner since 2006 by providing Excellent Technical Support to IT Web hosting & data centers globally. We offer quality and 24×7 technical support for leading hosting companies and data centers at low prices. We work closely with our...
  9. 24x7technicalsupport

    Cpanel/WHM Plesk DirectAdmin VMWare Zimbra Virtualizor & Windows Server Management Services FRM € 20, the outsourcing support division of Tecsys Solutions LLC, offers tailor made outsourced webhosting technical support and server management solutions. Our team consists of people with over 12 years of webhosting industry and datacenter experience. We offer custom...
  10. hostechsuppor

    Selling Best Linux/Windows Server Management and Remote Support for your Servers!!!

    HostechSupport serves you with an expert technician who is Red Hat certified and owns to handle and resolve your server related Issues within time. They work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations because we know how important it is for your clients to get the best support available...
  11. hostechsuppor

    Selling 24x7 "Dedicated Support" for your Servers

    Yes, serves you with 'The Best Dedicated Support' for your Servers!!! Our Dedicated Support gives you a complete solution for Technical support. Here we will take care of your entire clients and you can concentrate on increasing your business. We will sort out all the issues...
  12. hostechsuppor

    Selling Experience 15 days of Matchless 24x7 Remote Technical Support

    - Thinking about a Trustworthy Tech Support partner? - Worried about getting an affordable but trusted Support partner to avail matchless remote technical assistance to your clients? - Concerned about not letting your clients down because of poor Customer service? HostechSupport can be the...
  13. hostechsuppor

    PCI Compliance

    PCI compliance warning: ISC BIND 9 < 9.9.10-P2 / 9.9.10-S3 / 9.10.5-P2 / 9.10.5-S3 / 9.11.1-P2 Multiple Vulnerabilities... Any suggestions?
  14. hostechsuppor

    Selling Looking for a ‘Trusted Virtual Assistant’?

    Looking for Technical Virtual Assistance?? Team Up Now!!! HostechSupport is here!! We can hеlр уоu to ease your tasks & release from regular workloads at the most Affordable rates. We have a proficient & talented team of professionals who can readily manage any kind of administrative work...
  15. hostechsuppor

    How to configure Lamp Server?

    How to configure Lamp Server on CentOS and RHEL? You can share your experience :)
  16. hostechsuppor

    How to configure Postfix mail queue monitoring in Zabbix?

    Kindly follow the 2 step process to configure Postfix mail queue monitoring in Zabbix: 1. Create a line like- User Parameter=postfix.queue, post queue -p|... in the zabbix_agentd.conf 2. Then create an item postfix.queue in your Zabbix server gui and a trigger that fires if the value is > 100...
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