1. bigstreamup

    What is the best host in your opinion?

    Currently what is the best Host to work with adult content. User support, payment processing, resource utilization.
  2. S

    StreamZ - Video Hosting, 50$, adult, fast payout, HD, 4K, API, Subtitles ...

    --- Features --- Fast Streaming No Mining Clean Ads No Conversion, if you upload streamable (mp4) files UpTo 4K (High Definition) Streams Upload upto 20 GB Videos Min. Payout 25 USD Many payouts methods: uPlexa, PayPal, AdvCash, BTC, LTC, WebMoney, ETH, Monero, Payeer *NEW* ... (Other on...
  3. AnimeStreamin

    Full HD / 1080p Hoster

    Good evening, I am looking for a video hoster, which possibly encodes the videos, but also offers Full HD. I already have Fembed, are there any more names? A timely encoding should be synonymous, as well as continuous playback of videos without constantly make problems. I'm happy about every...
  4. V

    video hoster pays for adblock views

    Here some videohoster which also pays for adblock viewers. I don´t like that anti-adblock solutions..: - - - - Videohoster pays for adblock views with 1/10 of their rewards: - - - When you some other...