1. momomesh

    Mass Deadlink Checker How To Check Your Links?

    hi guys, what Free services do you use to check ALL your links if they're dead? for example streamango, openload, verystream, vidoza links, I have like 30k links on an excel sheet but don't know how to check if they're dead or alive? Thanks
  2. M

    Review: Mr Dead Links | Protect your videos from DMCA

    Who I AM ! Mr Dead Links Project : I'm a PHP & Javascript based system, I'm Here to Help you protect your Players From DMCA "DeadLinks" i can Protect any videohost like : VeryStream, Netu, Rapidvideo, Fembed... and many more VIDEOHOST due of DMCA reports. Note : Still Beta , but everything...
  3. C

    Protect your video from DMCA

    Hello i have a solution by protecting your link from DMCA each time your video deleted then an other link created automaticly PM me if you are interested
  4. T

    I'm looking for custom script for bot uploading & DMCA

    Only serious Dev Please " I will pay for that" How does it work? the system (script) creates a copy of video, in case the video is deleted (for DMCA or other) the system will make the backup appear automatically, (every time when the video was deleted ) this script it works with API for...
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