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    Thanks, I'm on it.
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    I was told yesterday that they're currently implementing a new domain. Didn't get any further notices yet. Not going to happen, we're still responsible for it in the end and if they send complaints to those alternative domains we would never know. I'm not going into user accounts and deleting...
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    Which Android version? I've seen this error before on a screenshot, but can't replicate it on any of my devices. Will come these days. .okie dokie, you already know how easy it is to configure a domain for our capacity Can't confirm and no further reports were made and I can upload files. If...
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    It gets worse once they exchange the currency.
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    Works for me. I'm talking with the processor now to get the payments out today. Every processor has fees one way or another. With Payoneer they take it off on currency conversion and card fees for example.
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    Yes, this was mentioned a couple of times before. FTP downloads aren't supported in the first place. There is nothing we can do about it. Can't promise anything regarding this, it actually should work, works on my TV as well. Check user settings, there is something you may have set. Work in...
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    If you haven't yet, send me an E-Mail, I'm not in the office for another two weeks and I'm mostly available on my E-Mail two or three times a day, the E-Mail will be down below. I guess you have a yahoo E-Mail? We have an issue with them, no idea why they bounce 50% of our E-Mails. Get a better...
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    I'm not sure what you mean, send me an E-Mail and please further explain what it is. Do you have the same issue or only a few users? Send me an E-Mail and I will let you run some test on your end. Everything seems fine from here.
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    You have to E-Mail us, I can't help you here and you can't share the necessary information here with me. If embeds are blocked, you probably have it in a sandbox. We would see a thousand complains here if all embeds would be blocked.
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    Same as with, it's the option when you right click on a file. I think rapidvideo has blocked us by now, not sure. We'll check again. You have clicked not to participate in the affiliate program. You can send an E-Mail and request a reset. There are no plans as of now to support...
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    Sorry for my absence, it's a busy time of the year. I can't guess which payout is yours, unfortunately. Send me an E-Mail and because we need it anyway, include your website URL for validation.
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    Just tried, works fine. Maybe they changed something for only some files? Please try again and PM me example link if it still doesnt work. I dont know your setup, but isnt automatic replace of the domain an option?
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    Please delete your E-Mail from the post for your own security. I see your payment, and you would have even waited longer. I have cancelled your payout request, please request it again, this time with your BTC wallet, not an E-Mail. BTC doesn't work with E-Mail addresses. You should have sent me...
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    IDM worked for me and so did FDM, but I've heard some complaints yes. That's neither a username nor account ID. We use E-Mail addresses for accounts only.
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    For now replace with, we'll update this tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know, didn't even think of that.
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