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    [Help]What is the procedure of selling a site?
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    [Help]What is the procedure of selling a site?

    Many escrow services won't care but if they do, then you just have to find a reliable middleman that you both trust
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    selling streaming domain

    @cURL hey buddy, I'm not interested in buying this domain but I am interested in your other website. Can you send me the link to the other site in PM?
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    Selling Porn blog domain

    In my honest opinion, the domain isn't worth $20 considering it ends with .org and it has just over 6 months remaining before renewal. If I were in your place, I'd be lucky to sell it for $7-12. Either way GLWS
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    Hiring Uploader for Porn & more

    Hey @sprsprea I might be interested in hiring you to upload on my site. Unfortunately I don't use gounlimited or any 3rd party video hosting sites. So the best I can offer you is upload via web UI on the website itself or I can arrange the ftp upload but then you'll have to manually go back...
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    Need VPS

    Here's what my stats from the server hosting juicy codes looks like. In total I have 3 server running at 1Gbps all the time that serve 300TB+ each month this is one of them it' using 100% CPU on a powerful $200/mo+ dedicated server and is using 120GB+ RAM. And as expected, it's PHP that uses...
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    Looking for Adult Link Exchange | Alexa Rank: 75K global

    None of the 3 sites in your signature meet my requirements. So unless so you have any other site you want to talk about, don't bother
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    Reviews our adult tube site

    Sure it's not on WordPress but it's the default template on KVS it's KVS people will stop when you'll know the answer
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    Looking for Adult Link Exchange | Alexa Rank: 75K global

    Please only send a message if you have an Alexa rank of less than 100k or if you get over 20k daily visitors Will exchange nofollow link at bottom of the page, and dofollow link at the top of the page The growth rate of our site. The domain was registered on 2019-12-14 Moz: Alexa...
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    Install Windows Server 2016 in Hetzner Dedicated!

    I can help you with that
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    Selling themaPoster - multi-poster, reply / create threads, schedule, lots of automation...

    Any plans on supporting flarum and discourse on themaPoster? And can themaCteator do TV season packs?
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    Selling Email List of members of a Warez Forum

    I have admin access to a forum so I grabbed the email list of all the members, 100k+ emails. I am willing to sell the list + make it possible to send the email from the official domain from the backend to all users promoting your site or you can use the list to send emails later. As Warez forum...
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    Selling domain + XVideoSharing License + XVideoSharing template for sell

    Alexa is not a trusted source of information. Please show us real analytics
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    Selling SOLD.

    Looks like you didn't find any uploaders for you and you weren't willing to do the work yourself. Either way, that domain is not worth the price you are asking. Maybe someone who is willing to put it to work shows up. Good luck
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