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    Selling Selling Adult Content Website

    The original post doesn't follow rules & was missed & purchase shouldn't have been made with so little info. @webmaster1999 Show proof of claim traffic was 4k. @webmaster1999 The listing says stats are installed, are they? & why didn't you check this before purchase?
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    My Adult HQ Porn Passes Blog

    May be coincidence but I sent drlove a IPT invite once, shortly after had a limited account, someone sent them a message trying to get me banned saying I was selling invites.
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    Hello from Bavaria

    Welcome to WJunction :neutral_face:
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to WJunction :)
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    Hi friends

    Welcome to WJunction :)
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    The style looks ok, page load times are very fast, all sections are clear. The style isn't very responsive, the minimum it will collapse down to is 980 width, there is a mobile one installed but very basic and wouldn't be needed with a modern theme. There are loads of empty sections you could...
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to WJunction :)
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    New Here

    Welcome to WJunction :)
  9. Tango Realse Version 1.0

    Welcome to WJunction :)
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    Welcome to WJunction :)
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    Hello All

    Welcome to WJunction :)
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    You will have to look at the site, I have never used it before. But you still have protection as you paid with CC.
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    You could get a refund on your CC but will charge back to coinpayments, I would try raising a dispute at Coinpayments, asking for a refund.
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    No one should start any attacks, it a waste of time and resources, I dont think he hides the IP anyway he had standard email headers.
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    It could cause problems, Did you buy crypto with paypal? Any CC dispute would/may hit your paypal account and you may get banned.
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