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    BOSS Graphics V2 - Quality Graphic solution ( Launched)

    what is your cost for a logo ? please check our website, i made that logo myself. but i want new one, can you do that for us ?
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    New Designer here please rate my work :)

    can you maybe design a free logo for us :) i would love if you do this for us if you cant can you tell me cost of a logo for our website ?
  3. S - 2Gbit SSD, Admin, Encoding Rdp E5-1650 Instant DEMO & ACTIVATION 15€

    Hello Sir/Madam, We are new born rdp company with better concept, offers from others. We are here to provide guaranteed rdp service with 99% uptime. Right now we have 3 popular plans: SSD 2Gbit Rdp, Encoding Rdp, Admin Rdp We are keeping lowest user per server. eg: encoding rdp have 2-3 users...
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    Best Movie Ever watched?

    transformers series part 3 was awesome also iron man :D
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    best browser?

    Started using chrome when it came, i never went back. But firefox is also good.
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    Which is the best logo design software?

    Adobe photoshop ? you can do anything using that. Its better to learn how to use PS after all you are not going to design logo only in future right ?
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    can you earn uploading videos in facebook?

    Facebook never pay for uploading videos But if you upload videos in different websites such as youtube and other website which pay for video views And post link in facebook Like this you may able to earn
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    I am new here

    Hello, I am new user here. I started website called, i found user from this forum look for rdp alot. Looking forward for good business. Thank you !
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