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    Hi Wjunction

    hey welcome here ! hope u will enjoy and learn more for urself ))) what are you interesting in ? which topics?
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    Hello to the community

    hello ,of course you will find,here a lot of interesting people which ready to help you and topics for you :)
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    how many of you are using an adblocker?

    in general i am using adblock ,but for last time truly dont need it , i have yab for youtube, the sites which i am using less of ads so i am pretty fine like this :)
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    which social network is most effective?

    Facebook for sure and also Instagram !
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    Best Movie Ever watched?

    Hmmm a lot of interesting and great movies we have now ,but as for me the best is Venom!
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    What are the best adult ad networks in 2019?

    Pushy ads can give you great rates for adult sites.
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    Premium AdMaven - Push notification, Popads and more. high rates and fast payments

    Bump! a minimum payment is 50$ on Payoneer and really good rates for Traffic Adult by Push ads.
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    Hello World!

    nice to meet you
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    can anyone help me to earn money

    what are you good at?
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    best browser?

    google chrome fo sho!
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    Which is your best machine ( laptop )

    Mac book pro fo sho!
  12. Slieventes61 Scam Network Ban and no pay

    I dont know man! I just read a few comments on forums that they are a scam and they didn't pay for some publishers, also block their account.
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    Coffee or tea?

    I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the evening
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    Hello anyone!!

    Hi. I'm Rachel from the UK . Happy to join this forum. lets talk!
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