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    Improve your campaigns ROI with

    AI vs Automation. Who runs the world of digital advertising? Read our new article to look into that matter and learn what kind of feature can help you boost your ad ROI. What's inside? • the current trends in digital advertising • the market expectations and the reality • why AI still can't...
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    Improve your campaigns ROI with

    How can a global ad agency improve its performance at the time of uncertainty and drive higher ROI and CR? Read the new story by Adavice ad agency to learn their secrets and drivers of success: - Tracking - Team management - Automation More is here: 1590165705 5...
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    [The Supreme Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals]

    The time has come The Supreme Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals is now available for free! RedTrack together with 30 affiliate marketing industry experts has made a comprehensive review of affiliate marketing verticals (11) to help you make the right choice and increase your revenue...
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    Improve your campaigns ROI with

    Due to coronavirus, mobile app usage has grown significantly, so push traffic has spiked along with this. We asked two Push Traffic experts to answer your most commonly asked questions and shared some tips about boosting your push campaign effectiveness. Know the hacks that will help you...
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    Improve your campaigns ROI with

    Knowledge is power! Next week RedTrack is running 2 free webinars to provide some tips on how to stay afloat in uncertain times 1. How to Launch Campaigns from Start to Finish featuring with iAmAttila Register here Attila will show how to spy, find angles, setup RedTracker, launch...
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    Improve your campaigns ROI with

    How to Skyrocket your Business with Reports When it comes to media-buying, measurable results matter. That’s why quality reporting and data analytics platforms have become indispensable tools for successful media-buyers. In RedTrack we always put our clients' demands and needs in the center...
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    Other RedTrack Q&A session: Preparing for Tracking

    Automation VS AI in media-buying Register to RedTrack private webinar to learn who they can help you boost your ROI What you'll learn: - whether automation and AI features really makes sense, - Traffic Source vs Ad Tracker automation features, - what automation features can really help you...
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    Next level tracking with RedTrack

    There are more and more ad agencies subscribing to RedTrack in order to solve specific business issues. Not just tracking on the off-chance. One of our clients - Performance Marketing agency Mobfolio - shared their success story with us. With the help of RedTrack, they are able to • run A/B...
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    RedTrack St. Valentine's surprise: 25% off the annual subscription plans

    Happy Valentine's Day for all affiliate marketing community We hope, that it's filled with love, care, and pleasant surprises! There’s also one a RedTrack team has got for you. Win the game and get 5% discount on top of RedTrack special annual plans (20% off included) Guess the names of...
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    The definitive guide to Facebook Ads 2020 [updated]

    Facebook is one of the most popular social media with 2.4 billion users from all over the world. However, far not everyone succeeds in conquering this media platform and making money here. In our new definitive guide to Facebook Ads, we gathered the most popular misconceptions about it and...
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    Improve your campaigns ROI with

    Things you should know about Google Ads conversions tracking Hope you are already getting into the Christmas mood At the end of the year, we began to receive more and more questions about Google Ads conversion tracking. So, here’s a complete guide on this topic. What’s inside? - all Google...
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    Improve your campaigns ROI with

    RedTrack is now integrated with Google Analytics What does it mean for affiliate marketers? It means all RedTrack users and Google Analytics fans can easily track their conversions inside their GA account How is it implemented? When conversions appear in, it sends S2S postbacks...
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    Other RedTrack Q&A session: Preparing for Tracking

    How media agencies can improve their business performance with RedTrack? Join our webinar this Thursday to learn how your business can benefit from RedTrack features. Our current users distinguish the following features as the efficient ones: - extended in-depth Campaign Reports that help to...
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    Black Friday: RedTrack ad tracker annual plans from $249/year

    Hey guys! Upon your requests, we extend the Black Friday deal for the whole Cyber week ✓A quick reminder for those who have forgotten: Till December 7 use BLACKFRIDAY promo code and get any RedTrack subscription plan for the 6 months price Follow the link:
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    RedTrack Thanksgiving deal: subscription plan for free for 1 month

    Thanksgiving everyone:raised_hands: It’s time to cut the turkey and say thank you to all your beloved Our team also wants to thank all of you for choosing RedTrack and the valuable feedback you give us Till December 10 refer 3 of your friends to RedTrack till December 10 and get - 10% from...
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