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    Introduction Id like to start by asking you.... how many companies that are selling hosting tell you what hardware your using? or live speed test proof? Dont be fooled by "KVM" it can still be oversold and dont be fooled by high RAM, because if you have high ram, but its oversold and its on...
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    welcome - RedEyed

    welcome - RedEyed
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    Throwback time...

    Good to see old timers still here, most people i see here are registered 2008-2013 its crazy
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    Throwback time...

    Theres a face i remember :)
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    Throwback time...

    It is good to see wJunction still up and running but share in replies what you miss or remember from the good old times.... Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the OG vbulletin theme but I have the next best thing.... Damn I miss the old shoutbox when it had the latest posts on the...
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    Hello From Hosting Inventory.

    Welcome to wJunction, I just checked out your website, cool concept. Guessing its new?
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    Premium - Virtual Private Servers from $20/mo! (Europe)

    I remember when KnownSrv was just getting started when the likes of CrypticVPS, PolarHost and others where up, its good to see KnownSrv still going strong.
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    Give away 2 VPS for honest reviews for new server company

    Currently I am in the process of launching a new server company, specialising in virtual private servers. I want to provide fast connections with premium ddos protection. I have 2 VPS to give away in return for honest reviews, both sets of reviews are to be posted on both Trust Pilot and...
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    PayPal Checkout with Cryptocurrencies Discussion

    I am honestly surprised it has taken this long, sucks that I am in the UK but I can imagine PayPal implementing this worldwide soon (hopefully).
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to wJunction bro :)
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    Introducing Bits

    Awesome incentive to get people actively posting, I check up on wJunction now and then and nice to see it still going strong, some good memories from the active shout box says on here!
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    Buying Looking for a well designed forum theme

    Hello, I am looking to start a new community, I have not actually ran a forum for a good few years now and it would be good to get back into and i have some spare time I would like to spend doing this. I am looking for a forum theme, must be clean and nice to look at, appealing and make people...
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    Selling - Best Gaming Domain for Sale

    Do you have any forum themes for sale?
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    Selling - Best Gaming Domain for Sale

    If you still have this let me no please. Also what forum theme?