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    Pornbb Recent Changes

    Make combination of both. Mainly keep your files free for download, but the best or the rarest make only premium. In that way you will keep visitors happy with free download and also make them spend money ;)
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    Buying WTB Adult Subreddits

    Hi, I want to buy subreddits in any adult niche. Preferred subs with 50k+ members but if you got interested sub with less then that it will be ok. Send your offers via PM. Thanks
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    Premium - new file storage solution with exclusive features for publishers!

    What is the point of PPD? You calculate rate based on how much sales traffic make, so why not just work on PPS insted of PPD that is based on sales?
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    Buying Forumophilia Account

    Hi, I'm looking to buy aged forumophilia account that can post and open new threads without moderator approval. Payment via PayPal or Webmoney Send me your offers in PM Thanks
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    Selling Selling PornBB accounts with one star (100+ posts)

    Since is almost impossible to start posting with new account (you will get spammer ban after few post or eternal waiting for your thread/post to be approved) I'm selling PornBB accounts with one star or 100+ posts that will allow you to post without any problems or waiting for approval. If...
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    Selling Adult Warez Website With Twitter Account

    Hi guys, I'm selling 5 years old adult warez blog - Most of the traffic is referral traffic and from tubes, so there is a huuuge room for organic traffic improvement for witch i don't have time or the will since I'm occupied with my offline business. Website get around 1-2k...
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    Hi guys, I have cool domain name so if you are interested please send me your offers to jogurtplus018 [@] PayPal only
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    Selling Porn Domain For Sale Almost 2 Years Old

    Can you send me your RG statistics at jogurtplus018 [@]
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    Hardlinks/Banners/BlogPosts for adult SEO and traffic

    Hi, I'm selling links, banners or blogposts on 2 of main adult websites: Links will be placed in Our Friends and Our Partners section on sidebar (so it will appear on homepage and all other pages) so you will get good traffic as well as SEO benefits Banners will also be placed in sidebar...
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