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  1. M - Fully Encrypted. Individual Approach. Reliable and profitable!

    the reason for bad sales is "30.000 MB of traffic in any 5 days" and "60.000 MB of traffic in any 5 days" download limit for premium users. no one needs a premium membership with such a limits. i have paid for a 3 months account, download 2 movies in the first 2 days, now i have to wait 3...
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    Premium - new file storage solution with exclusive features for publishers!

    please tell me, how to use ftp upload? the connection always refuse.... Response: 530 Login incorrect. Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server i have entered the right password... do i need a premium account in order to use ftp?
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    Premium - new file storage solution with exclusive features for publishers!

    can anyone tell me, how to upload a file to filefox? its redirecting to the profile page... do we need premium account to upload a file? or any additional activation of the account?
  4. M - Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

    unusual low stats for the last week...
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    Buying BTC for cash

    You can buy with credit card from coinbase.
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    Best wallets recommendation.

    Best option to use hardware wallet like Ledger. You can store your crypto on your computer on a wallet like Exodus ,for this type of wallet you need to have a well protected computer. Also there are other options like paper wallet. Which one you prefer, this is yours choice. I personaly use...
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    Coffee or tea?

    tea is healthier, so i drink tea. :)
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    Which Internet Security/AntiVirus Do You Use?

    I have used many other ,but in the last two years i use Kaspersky Internet Security and very happy with it. It's not consuming too much cpu and memory, so your pc remain fast.
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    Is Exodus Wallet Safe?

    Exodus is safe, if your pc is also safe.
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    Gold on the blockchain? Kinesis

    good project, but not the first gold backed crypto. there are other out there which already launched.
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    Strategy for using different ad networks on website

    adsense will block your account for that.
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    Trusted site to buy btc using webmoney ? he is trusted. :)
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