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    Underage content of any kind is not allowed: child pornography, "Jailbait" images, minors of any kind. This is not tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification, termination of your earnings and permanent ban.
  2. joshpm Shorturl | Up to $14/1000 views | Min Payout 5$

    Your account have been deleted due to short child porno photos.
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    Looking uploaders who own sites

    Hello friends. I am looking uploaders who own sites.any region. You can double your upload earnings. if you are interested please pm me
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    SeedVPS - VPS Hosting in Europe ─ Netherlands | KVM SSD | KVM Storage | 10Gbps NICs | From €9 /mo

    Are your VPS accept adult content ? and do your host ignore DMCA?
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