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    Wordpress if condition for category single post

    problem fixed. category name and id both will work. i made some mistake
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    Selling [Offer Ended] Google Drive Suite - $15 - Unlimited Storage -- Custom Username - Not EDU - Lifetime - Safe

    i am not sure just curious ....if your user accounts keep get ban due to DMCA, don't you think there is a possibility that google will ban your main account? which will make auto ban other people account.
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    [SELL] Yetishare Script & All Plugins + Unlimited Owned License Upgrade + Pro Yetishare Theme ($350)

    yetishare selling all bundle @599 USD. may be they lowered their price.
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    Wordpress if condition for category single post

    I trying to add something for selected category single post. Here is the code i tried <?php if (is_single() && in_category(array('category id'))) { echo 'here is content'; } ?> i even tried category name as well, but did not work.
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    Review : Anime.AkoTv.Me

    forgot to mention another thing. 720p video quality looks really bad, like 240p or something. well no one will wait for 5~6 min to start video
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    Review : Anime.AkoTv.Me

    nice project but it's took almost 5 min before start to play any episode.
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    Iframe style

    you cannot hide.
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    looks good, easy to navigate and lots of content
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    Selling Automated Anime Streaming Site

    could you send pm the site url?
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    Streaming Anime

    you already running site? may i know the site url? i am looking for streaming template
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    Selling Selling Adult (18+) Website

    if you are not selling your script basically site will not have any new content. whats the point running a site without having any new content? how do you expect to see the site grow in future?
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    Earn $$$ with Movies & TV-Shows

    what is your skype?
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    Powershell Cannot Bind argument

    ~nvm deleted~
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    How to create separate archive for sub folder?

    sorry for bumping old topic. need one more help. previous one was for subfolder. but how to make it work for single folder. i have 3 folder with file name test1/1.mkv test1/2.mkv test1/3.mkv test2/1.mkv test2/2.mkv test2/3.mkv test3/1.mkv test3/2.mkv test3/3.mkv want to archive included all...
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