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    What is life without Playstation ?

    Life without playstation .......... I think they call that xbox
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    Simple SEO guide in 10 steps

    Nice tips thanks. Any suggestions on how to help out the bounce rate when the page is mainly for selling a product and contact support?
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    Logo Making Tutorial [Photoshop]

    Nice thanks for the tut :)
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    Review :

    nice clean design, and as well the prices, probably going to buy one soon, thanks for sharing
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    Favorite Payments Provider

    Paypal all the way, then Bitcoin, then Skrill.
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    How To Get Free PayPal,Steam... Gifts Cards Using Your Smartphone

    Does this still work? ill try it out as soon as I get back to the office because there is nothing else to do right now lol.
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    What is life without Playstation ?

    What????? are you serious???? Please I want to see the article for this, that just sounds more insane than the normal!
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    Problem with paypal? Read paypal tricks [Paypal/Ebay Guides]

    What about Stripe?? Seems to be a good alternative but still not too many places accepting it.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Jack Johnson! Keeps me calm and i dont go postal sitting in this cubicle lol
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    google stopped indexing all my sites?

    How would one go about submitting a sitemap to google? do you have a link, sorry newb question...
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    Android Lollipop Vs Android Marshmallow

    I haven't tried Marshmallow yet, why is it any better? Hopefully not just because its new!
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    Have you tried the AdBlock Plus Browser yet?

    Thanks going to check this out, its such a pain all the ads they usually put on the regular browsers.
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    Good Games For Android

    Angry Birds all day!
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    XBox One + kinect games

    Depends on what you like, if youre a FPS player, check out Destiny if you want to grind a lot and have a good competent team.
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    farcry 4

    I believe you just need 20GB+ HDD , its like Far Cry 3 but for sure worth buying, better graphics and team play as well
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