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    Selling -snip-

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    RapidVideo - 1080p HD | Multiquality | Fast encodings | Fast Speed

    Hello RapidVideo, Please update your main post with a current reward table as shown here:
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi C3PA, Welcome to the community. Don't forget to read rules: Hope you enjoy your time here and good luck with the new business. Cheers!!
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    top 30 warez websites in 2017

    Your list made my doggies happy. Now they can download content from multiple sources. Keep up the good work!!
  5. DoggY DoG -Buy Cheap RDP | SSD RDP | 10Gbps RDP | Encoding RDP | Private RDP

    Hello guys, Forget this review: Here is my final review after using for 10 days. Check some screenshots. See how this rdp perform. When you connect, you get a black screen for nearly 2-3mins. After finally getting...
  6. DoggY DoG -Buy Cheap RDP | SSD RDP | 10Gbps RDP | Encoding RDP | Private RDP

    I recently ordered my rdp at a good price as compared to other rdp services and i have to say, the server is very stable and working great. Setup was completed and rdp details delivered straight to my email in less than 5-6mins. The support is very friendly and will go out of his way to get you...
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    Which is your favorite car?

    I like Lamborghini aventador LP700-4 and Maserati alfieri (No words to describe, just awesome.. google it)..
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    best browser?

    Netscape and Chrome!! :P
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    Best Antivirus 2016

    ESET Smart Security and Kaspersky. If you like your system to run smooth/lag free, choose eset!!
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    Bring back the old theme

    I still feels old skin was much better, new skin takes all the screen space, everything is so big and it is really hard to browse sections on a homepage because it looks confused. Now only one post can be seen when scrolling through posts/threads. This skin looks better on tablet devices if it...
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    Our new Vice Administrator

    Congrats Rox!!
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