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    [PAID] Logo & Favicon

    Hey, Just wanting the "WeLikeToRave" on the logo, sorry the site isn't released yet still working on it lol. It's an electronic dance music blog (house, trance, techno etc.) Maybe like have the start of every word the orange color and the rest gray with maybe some headphones or an equalizer...
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    [PAID] Logo & Favicon

    Hey, Need a logo & favicon for a new EDM blog I'm starting WeLikeToRave | Just another WordPress site Text: WeLikeToRave Colors: #ff4d00 & #2c2c2c Price: $10? Paypal. Logo around the same size as the default one that's on just now. Can do whatever you want with the favicon. Cheers.
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    faggot <_< .

    faggot <_< .
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    Selling - $6

    still got it? i'll take it.
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    Selling (Full Website / PR1)

    Hey, I'm selling my recently made website as I have no time to run it. About 28 articles on the blog and there all uniquely written by me. Will give the full database to the new owner. Hardly has any traffic as I recently started it back up. Domain: PR: 1...
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    Forum Game : Ctrl+v

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    Selling (Full Website)

    DESCRIPTION: HotGirls365 is a non-nude wallpaper site which offers full high definition wallpapers for it's visitors. It's a few months old getting on average about 250 visitors and about 2,500 pageviews per day. OVERVIEW: Wordpress site using a modified version of the theme "Gallery" from...
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    PirateBay For UK People

    Just a nice site I found to bypass the UK ban on ThePirateBay
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    Hey, welcome to the site mate.
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    Check your PM... <_< :@

    Check your PM... <_< :@
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    Blow my whistle babyyy

    Blow my whistle babyyy
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    Wanna work on ConsoleDen with meh?

    Wanna work on ConsoleDen with meh?
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    Review: HotGirls365 (18+)

    Good idea, will add it in. Thanks. :) Thanks mate.
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    Review: ConsoleDen

    Thanks. Have done, thanks for the suggestion. Yeah I write the articles myself :) I've thought about the cover image idea but couldn't find a way to implement it. Googled it to try get some help but all I could find was featured image tutorials. Might hire someone to add it in. Added in...
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    Link Exchange With ConsoleDen

    Hey, Looking for some people to link exchange with my gaming website. Let me know if your interested, prefer sites in a similar niche.
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