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    Selling [Offer Ended] Google Drive Suite - $15 - Unlimited Storage -- Custom Username - Not EDU - Lifetime - Safe

    The funny thing is that it says that Google does not check Drive files when in its TOS it clearly explains that it does so through MD5 and other recognition technologies. Even if you have the account with the files for yourself it will end up being examined due to the massive upload of child...
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    Selling [Offer Ended] Google Drive Suite - $15 - Unlimited Storage -- Custom Username - Not EDU - Lifetime - Safe

    Is it the buyer's own fault for believing what a nobody offers, or do you think he is the founder of Google to offer that the files will always be active and never affected? There are more honest people in other forums in which if your edu/gsuite account is affected they will refund you a new...
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    Why NETU.TV has so high rates?

    Same movie? If i remember nice, Netu use IP for your entire account with entire files, isn't 3 IP view per file, it's 3 IP view per account... i know some russian forums where they use proxy to revert it and get more money like using Adsense for their ads when it's blocked or banned
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    Why NETU.TV has so high rates?

    No one reads Netu's terms? They do not count each visit but a certain amount of unique visits that if I remember correctly were 3, that is, if you have a person with an IP watch 20 videos will only count 3 times ... there are other companies that only allow 2 times every 24 hours ... before...
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    How to create a live TV streaming website?

    IPTV is different than Live Streamming, when u mean IPTV it's some sites showing different channels and when u say live streamming this mean u're the guy that put your computer as terminal to show a specific channel.. i think u want the first one, for this u just need a video play (can be...
  6. B - Fast & Stable Hosting - Discussion

    This recognize now my ip, i don't know how but very beautiful stream speed! Thanks!
  7. B - Fast & Stable Hosting - Discussion

    Nope, i still having the same issue and the jwplayer mean error 224003, and if i open the v.mp4 in other tab this return me the error "error_wrong_ip", my user is Berker if need check my settings but i haven't enabled the 2factor
  8. B - Fast & Stable Hosting - Discussion

    Thanks, i'm testing right now and i'm getting ip error with this , the site support ipv6? I was watching my ip appear near exactly in the download info but this appear like instead, thanks!
  9. B - Fast & Stable Hosting - Discussion

    Cool, can add remote since Google Drive? Thanks!
  10. B - Fast & Stable Hosting - Discussion

    Welcome to WJ, How long do videos last without views? Thanks!
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    What is the fastest video host today? is the best right now, fast and trust... they don't delete your account or similar things and have really nice speed
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    I need your help please!

    No, i don't need but i can install and check why u're getting that error, i let u know when i install this and check properly
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    I need your help please!

    That's due the script is trying locate the install folder, when u load the url this appear in the same url /public/install so u need check the url config of each folder and if is available any method to put "lock" in the install file (like forums as MyBB, that get lock file in the install folder...
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    I need your help please!

    It's nulled or original? Check the HTTP url if was correctly setted
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    Premium Plus CLIPWATCHING : Make Upto $70 per 10k views

    I was upload this today[BDrip_1080p].mkv.html, probably server is bit slow due i've 2 files in encode list yet and they've the number +300 in the file to be encoded
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