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    Halloween Offers

    Grab our special offers this Halloween on Supportsages. QUASI DEDICATED SUPPORT: You get the quality of dedicated support at the expense of a shared support team. And guess what?? You are one of the chosen ones to get an exclusive 10% off on our Quasi dedicated support. Use the coupon code...
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    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    cPanel > Metrics > Bandwidth shows the bandwidth usage by different services and check what is using the most. Also cpanel > metrics > AWStat
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    How to auto scan wordpress for dead file host link and auto reupload?

    Start by navigating to Tools > Broken Links from the WordPress dashboard, then click on the Search » button: Then you can find out the broken links. Please go through the below link to know more about how to fix these broken links.
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    Move emails from google to cPanel

    Download mails in the mbox format : Convert it into Maildir format : And copy to mail directory under the users home directory.
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