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    Selling Quality Logo Design Service under $50

    Some of my recent work
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    looking for logo. paid

    Kindly check PM. I have sent you a message with details.
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    Need a logo for my website

    Do you still need it? I'm sorry I had replied but not sure if you received it. Let me know via email asap.
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    Need Logo Designer

    You can take a look at my work here. . email or skype me, I will do it for you
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    want to make banner for my office use

    If you willing to pay, I can do it for you.
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    Paid Logo

    OK. I can do it for you. I have msg'd you. lets proceed.
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    Paid Logo

    Would you like the logo you design recreated. I can do that for you. Check PM
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    Paid Logo

    Ok.Please email me and we can start. (trilmarose(@) Thank you
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    Paid Logo

    Do you still need it?
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    Site Logo (paid)

    I can design your logo. Portfolio and Please email me: trilmarose (@)
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    [paid] site restilyng

    Send me the details and I will get back to you.
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    [paid] site restilyng

    $40 for website restyling? I charge $50 for a logo design but for Wjunction its $40
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    Need logo for my brand

    I charge $40.99 for a logo design - discounted price for Wjunction members. If you like my work, you can contact me and we can get started. portfolio: bleepingtech's albums - Imgur
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    Need logo for my brand

    Will you pay for the work or are you looking for free?
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