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    How to increase DA and Pa of website

    I can help you increase your da and ta Within two to three weeks no problem, within that time frame I have gotten sites from 0 to 60 + moz main Authority, 50+DR and 30+ Tf/Cf Moz Ahrefs and Majestic are my bitches ;-) If you need help, Skype me @ ronnie.hokanson
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    How To Penalize Your Competitor's Site in Google

    Fiverr backlink gigs pointed directly at their site, I'm talking the spammiest. Bulkiest Most non drip package you can find, if it's Got 10 million blog comment or directory or bookmarking links sent in one or two days for $5, that's your best bet
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    Anyone can suggest me a good SEO provider?

    a bit dyslexic today?
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    A farewell (as owner)

    Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I want to thank you for your years of service to this forum, hopefully the new admin will continue your legacy so that when periodic members like myself decide to pay a random visit in coming years, WJunction and all of its amazing content will still be...
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    Looking Traffic Sources

    Messaged you hmu skype ronnie.hokanson
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    PLEASE hook me up with those lol
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    I need traffic (can be fake, bots, etc)

    sent you pm - skype me, I'm rarely on ths particular forum @ronnie.hokanson
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    Looking to buy adult traffic banner space etc

    Hey, I can help you with backlinks and traffic generation for sure... and I can also help you promote your site n more evergreen methods as well - skype me @ronnie.hokanson and lets chat about it
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    Looking Traffic Sources

    I can certainly help you with the second thing you're looking for - what are you looking to pay for your monthly base? how many blog posts do you require monthly? what niche? PM Me or Skype @ronnie.hokanson
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    I want them!
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