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Hello & Welcome to WJunction,

We're happy that you've registered and hope that you enjoy your stay and become part of the community spirit. We have a wide range of talented members on WJunction who are always willing to help.

We welcome everyone from all parts of the world, no matter what type of person you are; a webmaster, analyst, web designer, SEO expert, a learner, list goes on (I'd be here for a while if I wrote the whole list).

No one likes captcha's - I don't either. Although it can be irritating to enter the captcha every time you wish to post, it's not to irritate you but to prevent bots and/or newly registered members from spamming.

How do I remove the captcha & become a fully registered member?
When registering, you're in a probation group which has restrictions from posting in certain sections (such as the marketplace). To become a fully registered member with shoutbox access and to lift the restrictions, you must be registered for 48 hours with 5+ posts.

Setting an avatar & signature
Once you've become a fully registered member, you can set an avatar and signature using your control panel. To edit your avatar, click here. To edit your signature, click here.

Latest posts
If you wish to restrict the latest posts to certain sections then you may limit the latest posts by selecting the sections from the "Forum limit for latest posts" area in the edit options area (located under Settings & Options).

Reputation, Personal notepad, Referral link & Subscribed threads
To check the latest reputation you have received, you can do this by clicking on settings and then at the bottom of the page, you can check who left you reputation and the total amount of points you have. If you wish to keep notes of something in particular, you can use your personal notepad which is located on the same page. You can also find your referral link and your new subscribed threads on the same page.

Further support
If you require further support, do not hesitate to create a thread in our feedback & suggestions section or PM a member of staff.

We hope that you have a joyful stay and share your knowledge with fellow members along with learning from others too! Take your time and be familiar with our rules too.

P.S. If you believe we should mention something else in this thread, pop me a PM.

See you around the forums,
WJunction staff
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