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userload filesharing & video streaming platform

About Us
We are proud to introduce our free cloud storage and video streaming service for you. We would like to offer you a new and problem-free uploading solution and flexible affiliate program that suit your needs to maximize your revenue from your daily upload effort. Without much talk, let's see what we offer to you..

Features & Functions
Regular Browser Upload
Remote Upload
FTP Upload
API Upload
Display compatible files directly in the browser:
Video: MP4, WebM, Ogg Theora
Audio: MP3, AAC, WebM Vorbis, WebM Opus, Ogg Opus, WAV-PCM
Maximum file size 10GB, it’s streamable if you let us convert it
Unlimited Storage space

Our affiliates enjoy a fixed amount per 10.000 downloads or streams. The payment amount is defined by the origin country referred to in the Tier table below. I am looking forward to hear feedback from you, to work together and tweak it in everyone’s favor.

Example of video and normal file
Example video :
Example zip :
Example mp3 :
Example txt :
Example images :

Fast Revenue FAQs
Minimum payout amount is 20$
2 download or view counts per user each 24h
If the user uses Adblock, the reward is calculated by factor 0.0
You can force users to disable Adblock
API or other automated downloads don’t reward
Requested payouts are processed within 48 hours, maximum it can take upto 1 week.
Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, WMZ, Payoneer

How long do you host my files?
Files are hosted indefinitely unless they are inactive. Inactive streamable files are removed after 60 days for free users and forever for premium.
We are offering individual deals for webmasters with alot of traffic.
Thanks for reading our introductions if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact us at Contact or via skype live:.cid.998e2755e93f2c21
Best wishes,


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why are you using only 1 server and why are you using openload design which is now owned by ACE/MPA copyrights?
Hi tnx for your message we use the template because we think users are already familiar with this structure
about server we will add more tomorrow if you have any other question don't hesitate to post it
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