1. stewartandrew84

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    Jul 4, 2018
    Hello and welcome to my second Photoshop Tutorial. In my first Tut I showed you guys how to make some smoke in Photoshop, now we are gonna do some Blood!!

    Step 1: Open Photoshop, start a new image or open a Pre-Existing image that you want to add blood to.


    Step 2: Create a new layer with 100% opacity. Then grab your lasso tool.


    Step 3: Draw the area that you want to have blood, and dry slowly we ain't in a hurry!

    Step 4:[IMPORTANT]Fill the area you drew with red, use this guide for the type of blood you want.



    So if I want to make a Fresh, Flowing blood I want a medium Red color. I chose
    Red: 164
    Green: 19
    Blue: 0


    Step 5: Get your blur tool and blur the blood a little bit. Use a small brush size, I used 7-13 px. Just make the blood look a bit more realistic.


    Step 6: Then get your burn tool and deepen our wound a bit. in the middle it should be a bit darker. If you want you can even blur up the burn marks.


    Step 7: Lastly go to Filters > Filter Gallery > Texture > Texturizer. Switch the texture to Burlap, and scale to 200%. Change the relief around a bit, until it looks good to you. I've seen some good ones from around 2-5.



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