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Dear Wjuncation Members,

i have a 3000+ Movies in another hosting i want to copy all that movies and need to transfer to another hosting, i heard that API System will help me to do this things,

If it is true and if i can do it then can you please share me your IDEA, how to do this, if i have to do one by one then its take me f***king 10 to 15 days either its takes more, it will be really helpfull if you guys help me for this

Thanks a lot
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Hello. the most practical solution if you use wordpress
is to create a small script
and adapt their video links to something like this:<url>

then create a system that validates if the link has been migrated to a new platform, if so just redirect to the new link

otherwise. Send a migration request and redirect to the current link.
this system will work fine, but only the links you visit will be migrated.

an example.

When entering a link, the system will optimally decide which link to use or synchronize and update.

you can expand the utility as much as you want. and it's the most practical way.
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