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    Apr 13, 2011
    Dear reader,
    To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we have decided to offer a very special anniversary package for all new customers:
    €1 VPS, unique in Scandinavia, we are the only provider offering this in Sweden.
    Sweden Dedicated has been one of the largest providers in Sweden since 2009 and we are growing by 30% annually.
    To celebrate this, we have introduced our new €1 VPS package aimed at users that have minimum memory and storage requirements. Of course, your VPS is hosted on our premium network with Juniper routers and direct connections to all major internet exchange points.
    Our servers are located in our own data centers in Stockholm and are fully owned by us.
    This package is not listed on our website.
    Due to high payment fees we are forced to only accept yearly payments for this package. We do believe that this is an incredible offer and that you will appreciate our service.
    Full features:
    • SAS storage
    • LXC Virtualization
    • Control panel to start, restart,stop, reinstall your vps. Monitor VPS activity, traffic, disk usage etc
    • Servers are located in Sweden
    • 1 Gbps uplink
    • Centos, Debian, Ubuntu
    • 99,9% uptime guarantee!
    • 400Gbit network capacity!
    Setup for this service is immediately after payment
    Contact us for more information [email protected]
    -------LXC 512 MB-------
    Processor cores: 1
    Memory: 512 MB
    Disk space: 50GB SAS storage
    Traffic: 100 GB
    Ipv4 IP address: 1
    Connection: 1Gbps
    Virtualization: LXC
    Country: Sweden
    Price per month: €1 (annual payment only)
    Buy now
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    Payment Information
    We accept paypal, credit card, bitcoins and bank transfers.
    Datacenter - Location
    Country: Sweden
    City: Stockholm
    Optional locations: Amsterdam, Malmö, Oslo
    Network - Uplinks/Transits
    Network: AS42237
    Tele2 Sverige (AS1257)
    NTT America (AS1257)
    Hurricane Electric (AS6939)
    Equinix London LD8
    Evoswitch Amsterdam AMS1
    Gothnet Gothenburg SHG5
    Stokab Stockholm KN7
    Verizon Oslo HMG9
    Västergatan 4 Malmö VG4

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