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First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for leaving your feedback about WJunction, we appreciate all comments, suggestions and opinions. However, before you leave your feedback, whether it's a positive or a negative one, please read this guideline.

Etiquette: (Definition: Rules governing socially acceptable behavior)
Before you post your feedback, try to present your views and opinion in a constructive form. The purpose of this section is to help improve your experience in WJunction, for you and others. Any unnecessary anger, flaming or any sort of "attacks" will lead no where.

We'll listen, we'll try to always consider your views. The way you present your opinion always helps.

Have a suggestion?
Please try to understand that not all suggestions can be considered or implemented. WJunction is an established community, modifying it constantly is not a simple job, we cannot afford to apply and modify everything due the size of the community and the familiarity established with the members.

So, before suggesting, please, try to ask yourself if it's really necessary, would it help improve the community in a constructive way? or is it just a shallow cosmetic addition? (ie: "Thank you" modification).

If, for any reason, your suggestion is not implemented, don't think it's ignored, like I've explained, each modification to the community is thoroughly looked into and studied, that alone could take time, though, sometimes, it might be denied. I hope that you understand.

Issues with members or staff:
If the reason you're thinking about leaving feedback is because you have an issue with a certain member or a staff member, please, try to communicate with them privately first. Be professional and friendly, sometimes that's the best strategy to have your issue solved.

If you go right ahead and post feedback, it might get lost or even hijacked due to other members that aren't fully aware of the situation, and because of that the issue is escalated to a level more than it deserves and gets unneeded attention.

Always try the direct and professional way, which is to contact the involving parties, after all, your goal is to solve and get what is rightfully yours, and not just slander.

Thank you for reading, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.
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