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Many members fail to realize that there are scammers floating around the internet, and for some reason give full trust to anyone just because the "deal sounds legit".

This is a warning and a guideline to all buyers and sellers:

  • You are advised to use Escrow or Sedo for high value transactions.
  • Ask all the questions you can come up with before finalizing the deal.
  • Get ALL the proof you need to make sure the transaction is legitimate and that the buyer/seller actually has the right to conduct that specific transaction.
  • Ranks mean nothing, even if it's a staff member, ask for proof.
  • If it's too good to be true, it usually is, so avoid it.
  • Read the rules and guidelines carefully, they will help you.
  • Don't be naive and fall for cheap tricks, always validate the information you receive.
  • If the deal requires PayPal, AlertPay or any other payment processor, make sure the accounts are verified.

Follow these guidelines, be smart, and specially with the escrow service. If you get scammed it's your fault as well, you have no excuse, all the tools, the information and guidelines are available to you.

WJunction is not liable or responsible for any transaction made. We are only providing means to enable webmasters and users to trade amongst themselves. If any problem occurs, please report them and we will do the best we can to rectify it, although we're limited with what we can do.

However, as you all know, we're bound to face a few scammers here and there. So use your web smart to figure out if this is a good trade or not.
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