1. caloss

    caloss Active Member

    Mar 30, 2011
    • End to end encryption
    • Media Streaming
    • 50GB storage free
    • Embeddable links
    • Watch Videos in 1080p
    • ...many many more features
  2. filestorage

    filestorage Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2013
    The information presented is rather limited. You claim end to end encryption, but there is no information about your security protocols. It says you offer access over many platforms, but there is no information about that either. Do you have a Windows/Mac/Linux apps, mobile? Do you support file versioning/revisions, automated backups, sync, etc? All I see is the free plan, there is no information about paid plans or payment methods, a comparison page would be nice. There is no information about your company, which people will be looking for on a cloud provider. I tried to register but received no confirmation email.
  3. caloss

    caloss Active Member

    Mar 30, 2011

    thank you for your criticisms , we have added more information to the site as well as an about us page.some information which you say you did not see can be found in our terms of service page(security protocol)...There also is a comparisons page for premium users, you have to scroll to the right by clicking the arrow.For payment plans and which gateways are supported, you would click on the premium account/Upgrade button.No we do not currently support file re visioning,backups automatically, nor syncing (we are developing mobile applications at the moment)

    I apologize for the non-receipt of a conformation email, (did you check your spam filter ? ) Nevertheless, I have activated your account.Please let me know if you have anymore questions or concerns or suggestions, I'd be happy to address them

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