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Hello guys,
I want to share with you my experience with orangewebsite, a webhosting provider based in Iceland.
I joined their service less than 2 months ago .
The things that encouraged me to purchase with them are the reviews that I read about them as been free speech hosting provider, so I said let me my luck with them.
Before I purchase the webhost package I requested to transfer my domain with them, then I received a message from their support shortly that they couldn't finish the transfer simply because of the age of the domain is < 60 days.
They refunded me my domain transfer fee within 24 hr.
So after that I purchased the webhosting package and after the payment I immediately received the login details for cpanel.
My experience with them was very good so far. The only technical issue that I faced with them in the beginning was with the sending emails which was resolved within 24 hr and it was an issue they had with the datacentre, it never happened again.
The other great thing that I noticed about this host is that their sales and support are very friendly and responds to the ticket extremely fast , I just submit the ticket, wait a little bit, refresh my email and their reply is already there :)
The speed is very good as well, I'm still using their service so you can check my website speed.
The uptime is 100% as I didn't noticed any downtime myself and also I use the uptimerobot (see the image from my account today below):

So the in conclusion I just wanted to write this review at wjunction to introduce you to this webhost in case you didn't hear about it :)

Support: 10/10
Uptime: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Flexibility of TOS 10/10

The web address:

Thank you :) .
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