RDP Hosting on Basic Accout Should Someone Be Using 6gb+ Ram


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RDP hosting on a basic server should a user be allowed to used 6gb+ of ram?? I am using one RDP host not going to name it they allow one user to use 6gb to 9gb of ram this is why to much ram for one user. When the server has 6 to 8 year old specs it can not handle one user using this much ram even if the server has 32gb 48gb or 64gb it is still to much ram. IMHO no user should be using more 3gb or ram really 2.5gb or ram if your only download 2 to 4 torrents or uploading and downloading to filehost or a combination of both you will never use more than 2.5gb of ram. Admin RDP accounts only give 4gb to 5gb ram 6gb+, then you need a VPS or dedicated server with 10tb of bandwidth. I have contented the RDP host about this user and they will not do anything reply is the server has enough free ram even though the server runs like 15 slower becuase of this user :face_palm:
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You find very less number of RDP providers who allow you to use more than 6GB+ RAM. It totally depends on the number of users keeping in one server. Generally RDP provider use 32GB RAM servers for downloading/uploading/rar/unrar/torrents works so they create 8-12 users in one server. The numbers of users may be high so you suppose they have created 10 Users in one server which RAM size is only 32GB.
In this case that provider doesn't allow you to use even 4GB RAM/User.

Please do note the server applications started closing itself when RAM uses arise 85%+ specially browsers closes itself.

You don't have to worry if your provider doesn't allow to use more than 4GB RAM, Just follow the instructions which I am going to explain.

Any application which runs continuously for long time is surely started eating memory, You didn't get it.

Ohkay relax!

Suppose you launch a browser ( chrome ) for your work and performed your work next 4-5 hours and left the browser opened till next day, again you started working next day on same browser tab, your browser will surely eating memory like 1GB-2GB which should be use like 200-500MB.

So always close your all application after work finished, this way you contribute help to your RDP Provider.

Thank you so much
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