Official Marketplace Rules (MUST READ)

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Marketplace Rules

WJunction is a Web Site dedicated to Web Site users and their related services and products. Therefore only website related products and services are allowed to be purchased or sold. The following rules are in addition to the general forum rules and are for the benefit of the community.

If you are not the owner of the product of service you are selling you must mention and link to that person/company. You may be required to post proof of resale rights where you are not the original owner.

Selling a Domain

Thread title must contain the domain inside of it.
If multiple domains for sale please state so in title and be as descriptive as possible
3 LLNN Domains for sale. and such...

Please follow the following format when posting...
Domain Name:

Registered With:


Price or Starting Bid:

Methods of Payment
(Paypal, Alertpay, etc)
If Auction: Yes | No

Auction End Date:

BIN (Buy It Now) Price:

Proof of ownership
(a screenshot of the domain in the sellers registrar account showing the url and expiration date)

Selling a Web Site

The same requirements as selling a domain apply with the additional below:

  • Anything which isn't included must be mentioned: domain, script, all skins and themes, full current database if any and full rights to everything.
  • Proof of traffic and revenue if any must be provided.
  • File uploaded to the sellers server saying his name/username and a message stating it is for sale as proof of ownership.
  • Any existing commitments or debt that will transfer such as advertising or hosting must also be stated.
  • In the case of large sites or custom scripts please state any hosting which is included and for how long it's provided as well as relevant server or legal requirements.
  • We do not allow the sale of free blogs.

Selling of Services

  • Only Services in relation to web sites in general may be sold. examples include but not limited to: GFX artist, coder, SEO services, Site Management, hired help, etc.
  • It is the sellers discretion if they wish to provide demos, samples, portfolio, past experiences, references etc. which will aid in the sale of their service.
  • If the seller doesn't mention review copies are available then please do not reply asking for them. People who receive a review copy and do not write a review for other members based on their experience may receive disciplinary action.
  • A maximum of 5 customer feedback quotes are allowed in the first post of a sales/hosting thread.

Selling of Goods

  • Only goods in relation to web sites in general may be sold.)
  • The seller must have full rights and permission to sell the item in question. In certain cases proof may have to be provided to prove these re-sell rights. examples include but not limited to are: templates, scripts, themes, applications, or tutorials written by the seller and not third parties, custom gfx banners, avatars and icon packs
  • Sale or trade of accounts including Download accounts, VIP accounts, Premium Accounts, ad words, Credit/Debit cards and ebooks is not allowed. This includes the inclusion of such accounts to promote other sales.

  • [*]Sales of keys is NOT allowed.

    [*]Sale or trade of social network pages/groups/channels (or anything similar) is not allowed.

Selling Advertising Space

  • You can only sell advert space on web sites.
  • The size, price, color, animation details in the case of animated images, location, duration of the advert and start date if not immediate must be posted.
  • Proof of traffic must be provided as outlined below


  • You can sell either for a predefined price or offer or have an auction where you can indicate the starting price and a 'Buy it Now' price (from here on referred to as BIN).
  • If someone offers the BIN price the sale is finished and the seller may not request higher prices or increase the BIN.
  • Auctions must have an end date
  • If there is a Reserve Price, it must be displayed in the topic or pm’d to a moderator
  • Reserve Prices (minimum price that must be met) must be pm’d to a mod as soon as the sales thread is posted.

Topic Titles

Titles to all topics must be appropriate and not misleading. 'Buzz words' such as Cheapest, Best, Fastest etc or any unnecessary symbols or characters are not allowed. You cannot advertise a sale or % off in the title. All titles in the Marketplace must use an appropriate prefix from the drop down list provided.

Fake Bids

Any member who is found to be bidding in an attempt to increase the final selling price for the seller may receive infractions and in certain cases a ban. This also applies to members who win bids but fail to continue with purchasing without a valid reason.

Members who win bids and fail to follow through with purchases may receive warnings and in certain cases a ban. This is to prevent bidding in order to gain higher selling prices for the seller.

Sellers who claim to receive a bid over private message or on another web site where it may also be for sale must provide proof to a staff member if requested to do so.

Replying to topics

Only people directly interested in trading may reply to topics. Any 'good luck', 'trusted seller', 'nice site/design' or other comments or personal opinions deemed unnecessary will be removed. Continued posting of such replies will result with a warning or infractions.

A maximum of five positive references may be added to the bottom of the first topic. Please enter these in quote tags
[ /quote]

Additional Proof

Screenshots of a recognized traffic counter such as AWStats, Google Analytics or other similar onsite counter showing proof of traffic must be provided. The traffic statics should be relevant and not older than one month. Online guides like Alexa or Compete are not to be used as a guide to traffic levels nor should any online money value guide be used as an indicator of revenue. Screenshots of Paypal or similar approved must be provided to confirm any revenue claims. For various income sources a break down of these sources must be provided.

Bumping Threads
Bumping your own thread, or asking people to bump your thread (be that in the chat box or the forums) is expressly forbidden. Under no circumstances are you allowed to bump your marketplace thread.

If, however, your sales thread gets pushed to the inner pages and you believe it may generate interest if it's exposed to the rest of the community, you may create an identical thread no less than 4 weeks after the original thread. Before creating the identical thread, please report your original thread and a member of the staff will lock it to avoid potential confusion arising out of two open threads.
All sales that involve the use of WHMCS, will now have to have WHMCS licensed. The use of NULLED WHMCS is NOT allowed.

WJunction is not liable or responsible for any transaction made. We are only providing means to enable webmasters and users to trade amongst themselves. If any problem occurs, please report them and we will do the best we can to rectify it, although we're limited with what we can do.
For the sake of impartiality and fairness staff members, with the exception of administrators, are not allowed to delete, edit or remove comments from their own sales, trade or similar threads and are required to report the topic like other members.

However, as you all know, we're bound to face a few scammers here and there. So use your web smarts to figure out if this is a good trade or not.

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Rule: No hiring/offering uploader services for third party websites.

Dear WJunction Members

Recently we've allowed a some what deregulated market place and community cooperative like sections and we've decided that it's started to go a little too far. For this reason, as of immediately, we'll no longer be allowing threads where you can hire "uploaders" or offer your service for "uploading". This is for all sections.

Legitimate or not, this is not a practice that we wish to allow and following a few days for our members to adjust to these changes, any threads in a similar nature to "Hiring uploader" or "Offering uploader services" will result in an infraction/ban. Paid or unpaid, makes no difference. This isn't a move about limiting freedom of speech, not at all. We simply wish to cease "market" activities on our boards for these services.

The issue is not with the file hosts themselves, rather the methods of hiring and offering these services for third party websites. Threads such as "I'll upload popular movies for $1 a day" just pushed us over the edge... We do not recommend copyright infringement as a tool of making income (or at all, for that matter). If you're a user on here at the point of offering/hiring uploader services and even paying for them on the premise of copyright infringement: get a job instead. You can still freely discuss file hosts, websites, etc. We value our members freedom of speech. This is a forum, after all.

You can still post about hiring staff and everything else for your websites, seeking partnerships, advertisers, etc, this is all fine. It's important that members understand where the line has been drawn in the sand. We're limiting a very precise type of thread only.

The activity we're banning is also discouraged via the PM system.


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A slight reminder to those who exchange currencies via PM:

If you are scammed, we cannot help* you. We have rules for a reason, follow them and you shouldn't get scammed (only if you're stupid enough - You may).

*We may at our discretion ban both the scammer and the user requesting the exchange.

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Selling nulled forums - scripts/cracked applications is not allowed


It seems users don't read general rules, and this is something that needs to be cleared.

Selling sites that are based on free scripts such as SMF, Joomla or Wordpress is allowed.

Selling sites that are based on paid license, such as vBulletin forums, DLE, or IPB is NOT ALLOWED if you don't have legit license. If you DO own license, you need to show us the proof.

Nulled forum = warez
You cannot sell that in here. Period.
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The rule also includes premium/paid themes since they are somebody's property. You cannot sell a Wordpress/Joomla/SMF/phpBB/VB/IPB etc site with a premium/paid theme installed on it without having its ownership rights.
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