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We are a network with adult browsing gaming products. Such dedication to one vertical puts us in a unique position where we can offer the best converting rates for anybody with gaming traffic. We provide customized landing pages for every niche used for the gaming offers promotion. We accept all traffic types and almost all geos.

Payment methods
Wire transfers, paxum, paypal, webmoney.
We are open to considering every option.

Payment terms
Net 7, 15, 30. We have a useful feature - to pay upon a request if you need.

Skype: live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
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Hey guys!
I have good news for you) Our collection of game offers has a newbie - hentai offer.

For detail use skype live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
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Hi there!
Who wants to try adult game offer by CPI model?
Traffic source: Facebook

skype live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
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Why should you try our adult games instead of adult dating?
Games and dating both have a very similar funnel that leads users to conversion. They actually have common points: the same audience, competitive conversion rates. Games are a fresh promising vertical, which could be a great alternative way of monetizing your traffic.
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We increased the payout for RU traffic. Now you get 60$ per conversion.
Adult games are a great alternative for monetizing adult traffic
Skype: live:.cid.5255b7797f1d13e1
Hi wjunction Guys! I'm glad to represent new adult gaming offers!
As usual, our offer with a high CR and attractive payouts


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one more news! From today you can find ppl offers in our network

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Skype: live:.cid.5255b7797f1d13e1
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Hey! Look at our TOP eCPM by GEOs for the last 7 days:
Group 1 (1).png
Skype: live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
Telegram: @gamingoffersbiz
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Сheck out our TOP OFFERS of this week
Instagram post - 45.png
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Do you still have a doubt to try gaming offers or not? Those numbers talk for themselves...
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Hi everyone!
I know how important is to have the newest information from the network. So, here we go...
TOP offers for the last 7 days:
Pussy Destroyers CPA
XXX-road v2

P.S. If you don't know from what geo is better to start..Our TOP ECPM is the unchangeable second week - MX US FR
Don't be shy! Ping AM for get more details!photo_2022-06-30_13-03-33.jpg
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Offers For Affiliates - is an Affiliate network with single offers and smartlinks. We’re a network with a wide spectrum of offers. We have offers in different verticals: Adult Gaming, Dating (adult and mainstream), Sweepstakes, Nutra etc.
Our benefits:
- minimal withdrawal amount starts from $50
- direct and in-house offers
- permanent optimization of the Smartlinks
- real-time statistic
- worldwide offers
- friendly support

skype: live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
telegram: @gamingoffersbiz
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WARNING! New offers detected!

Adult gaming - Sexually Submission, Payout 2-90$

Dating - CraigsList US UK CA AU NZ, Payout 55$

DirtyDating US UK CA AU NZ, Payout 55$
Instagram post - 16.png

Skype: live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
Telegram: @gamingoffersbiz
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Hello everyone!
Do you know one of the main rules in affiliate marketing?
Launch top offers on Monday and make maximum REVENUE during this week!

IT - - CPL DOI - MOB - 3.1$
WeMeetToday - SOI - SOI AU, CA, US, NZ, GB - 2.6$
Easyonlinehookups US/UK/CA/IE/NZ/AU DOI - 2.9$
Dream Singles AU/AT/BE/CA/DK/FI/NZ/NO/ZA/PL/SE/CH/UK/US- Mobile CPL 4.5$
Sexually Submission US UK CA AU NZ 55$
top dating offers.jpg
Hi All!
Catch a welcome bonus for only new affilates.
Sign up as an affiliate at and use the promo code: NEWOFFERS
Send your traffic to the best converting gaming offers and earn extra money until the end of November!
The deal is:
$1000 generated revenue — receive $100 on top of that!
$2000 generated revenue — receive $200 on top of that!
$3000 generated revenue — receive $300 on top of that!
$4000 generated revenue — receive $400 on top of that!
$5000 generated revenue — receive $500 on top of that!

REMEMBER! The promo code expires on 30.11.2022. Only new affiliates are allowed to participate. And of course…no fraud — we watch you!
skype: live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
telegram: @gamingoffersbiz
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Meet our new partner – Clickadu!

Clickadu is a digital advertising multi-format network providing coverage around the whole world 🔥

Key features of Clickadu:

🔸 4 billion impressions daily from direct publishers.

🔹 7 advertising formats that can be mixed for a better result.

🔸 Various pricing models to choose from, including CPC, CPM, SmartCPM

🔹 In-house traffic quality control.

🔸 22 verticals, more than most other advertising networks.

🔹 First-class support team.

🎁 Enjoy a nice welcome gift for all new clients!

  • Get a $20 bonus for the first deposit of $100, or more
  • Get a 10% bonus for the first deposit of $300, or more

Use the GAMECLCK promo code to get the bonus!

Activate it via your Clickadu personal manager!

Join Clickadu and start earning now 👉

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Instagram post - 41.jpg
Hello guys! Check out the latest TOP eCPM for the last t days to boost your revenue!
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Instagram post - 39 (1).jpg
Hey! Start launching campaigns with our best offers in the dating vertical

Only flirts PPL UK [WEB/WAP] - 4 EUR
Only flirts PPL SE [WEB/WAP] - 5.5 EUR
UnlimLove - SOI /US [WAP/WEB] - 3.2 USD
US - Searchingforsingles - CPL - MOB/WEB - DOI - 3.6 USD
AnonymeDates DE AT CH WAP WEB - 2-4.8 EUR
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Check out our HOT eCPM on dating SmartLink for the last 7 days and achieve extra results with top GEOS
skype: live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
telegram: @gamingoffersbiz
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Check out our HOT eCPM on dating SmartLink for the last 7 days and achieve extra results with top GEOS
skype: live:.cid.5255b7797f1d13e1
telegram: @lina_adsoffers
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Looking for hot gaming offers?
Everything you need to succeed is to run traffic with our TOP eCPM GEO
IMG_2171 (1).JPG
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Instagram post - 62.jpg
Catch our fresh list of TOP gaming offers

DirtyFreeGames_v2 POP/PUSH
Shemale Game - SmartLink
PussyDestroyers 2
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Hey guys!
We are thrilled to announce we have some new offers that have been converting extremely well!
So if you're ready to take your profits to the next level, this is your moment!
VioletBlue Game All geo - Payout $2-$90
CraigsList Multigeo Payout $2-$90

Contact your AM or signup now!

Skype live:.cid.c64442bca3763d9c
TG @gamingoffersbiz

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