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We are glad to introduce our new links location hidden service.
Our service is made for files sharing website's owner those who upload their own files on direct links and they are suffered from DMCA reports and Bots traffics.
We only work with direct links files (We accept no html page), but as extra we add support for 4 file hosts:
Google drive, Openload, Dropbox and openload.
Every webmasters and every uploader can hide the origin of his files if he provide a direct link download or if he using the 4 above mentioned websites.
As extra for uploaders and webmasters uploaded their own files on google drive, we add extra feature that help them bypass the bandwidth quota made by google. We add a special cache layer to continue provide requested file to the visitor even if the original file in under quota limitation.


  • What is
    We are a link URL hidden service. Our aim is to provide complete security and anonymous to your own direct link. Using or service will not make you completly anonymous only but it will protect your valuable server from hacker and leecher.
  • How does it work?
    User should have a direct link of his asset which he would like to protect it from bot and DDOS and also hide the origin of his asset.
    We work as a bridge between the asset origin and end user, we stream file directly to end user.
  • What kind of file URLs and host you support?
    We support (Direct download links, Google Drive links, Onedrive links, Openload links and Dropbox links), we will add more host support in the future.
  • Is is traceable?
    Simple answer, NO.
  • Which contents allowed?
    We encourage users to only hide their own work but we strictly forbidden with child porn, terrorism, money loundery ... etc. If we find you or your links reported using the mentioned (but not limited) topic, your domain and IP will be banned from our system and your data info will passed to authority.
  • Any particular advice for links owner?
    Yes, always use cloudflare in cache every thing mode. And always give the direct link for file, any redirect link will some time leak your file origin.
  • Why is it free?
    It is free because we are afford to make it free till now.
    We may put some ads in the future to help us add more features and power.
  • How fast can i download?
    Our server can go up-to your download link speed.
    But remember that we are transferring data from users box, So we are limited to the upload speed of the file origin. These files are not hosted by us and we just re-transmit them.
  • Are files stored on server?
    Files are being streamed to server and from there, to user, not stored. So don't try to share direct link anywhere this won't work, since stream is only working for that IP.
  • Why is download so slow some times?
    As we said before, our server can handle a very large volume of traffic BUT the file origin not.
    We are limited by the file origin speed.
  • What password protected link feature do?
    If you need to give anonymous to some users and you don't want that links to be downloaded by every one, then we can show download link for only visitor with password.
  • What date feature do?
    If you choose an expiry date on link submit.
    Then the link will not be available for every one after that date passed and the link will be expired.
  • How can i be sure my links are always on high speed?
    If you are able to edit the configuration of your web-server then we advice you to use cloudflare and be sure you choose the (Cache every thing) in cloudflare panel.
    Then the file will be pulled from the cache of cloudflare and users can download upto 10Gbps speed.
    And don't worry we will remove every trace of your origin domain name :) .
  • Do you have some API i can use?
    Yes, we have a simple API you can use on your automated works.
    API can be found here: API Guide
  • How can i trace my own links stats?
    You can append + to the end of your secure link and we will redirect you to the stats page for that particular link.
We are looking for your feedback because we are still in beta.

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