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If your end goal is superior computing power, look no further than our Intel and AMD offerings. We’re at the leading, bleeding edge of technology when it comes to enhanced processors, starting with Ryzens. Add in Threadzippers and dual EPYC’s for the triple crown.

Good luck finding other providers that offer a line of servers similar to ours.

Of course, this promotion from our Ogden, Utah datacenter won’t last forever. As always though, once you procure a server from ProlimeHost, your recurring charge on that server(s) will never increase. We’ve been in this business for over a decade helping businesses and organizations just like yours.

Act now. These servers will go fast.

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AMD Ryzen 3950x 16 core 32 thread high 3.5Ghz base clock
64GB DDR4 RAM (Only +$42 more for 128GB RAM)
2x 1.2TB NVMe drives!
On server board w/ IPMI, Intel NIC’s, etc
/29 5x usable ip's
100 TB over 1 Gbps
$239 / Mo

AMD Threadripper 3960x 24 core 48 thread high 3.8Ghz base clock

128G DDR4 ECC RAM (128GB ECC and 256GB faster RAM in stock)
2x 1.2TB Enterprise NVMe
/29 5x usable ip's
100 TB over 1 Gbps
$299 / Mo

AMD EPYC (Rome) 32 core 64 thread 7502 at 2.5ghz, tons of PCI-E bw for NVMe

256GB DDR4 ECC RAM (This can upgrade to tons of RAM)
4x 1.2TB Intel Enterprise NVMe drives
/29 5x usable ip's
100 TB over 1 Gbps
$349 / Mo

4x CPU Intel E7-8895v2 60x Real cores 120 Threads all at 2.8ghz

512GB ECC Ram (can upgrade to 3TB!)
10x 400G SSD super fast iops!
100 TB OVER 1 Gbps
$399 / Mo

AMD EPYC 7702 Dual CPU 128 core 256 thread monster

256GB DDR4 ECC RAM (1TB DDR4 RAM $450 more a month)
7.6TB High end enterprise 8x NVMe (6,000MB/S 1 million+ IOPS)
/29 5x usable ip's
100 TB over 1 Gbps
$719 / Mo


- Upgrade to 1 TB SSD - $15
- Upgrade to 1.2TB NVMe - $20
- Additional 1 TB SSD - $20
- Additional 1.2TB NVMe - $25
- Additional Ram - $.75 cent per GB

- cPanel 100 account license - $35/mo
- Direct admin - $10/mo
- Windows 2008/2012/2016 STD - $5 per 2x cores (only real cores count)

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Speedtest -

Lets Connect! Call : 877-477-9454. | Email: [email protected] | Live Chat:
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