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Hello, we are checking this currently no worries
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We was under ICMP Flood attack last night which caused the server to break completely
Everything should be stable again now.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.
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I'm with jetload right now almost 1 year.. small issue like load slow or down is reasonable for me..
comparing with others host.. jetload is my best choice right now..
with their fast streaming, fast payout and nicely support like i work with my family..

never have big problem with all my files because DMCA...
jetload backend server really powerfull, i can upload 1GB+ file in few sec..
and i don't need worry about space or bandwidth again..

my visitor always ask about jetload for my backup server if my own server slow..
because jetload domain never got blocked by internet provider..
also their streaming server really fast and my video play smoothly.

jetload visitor counter is real.. comparing with my recent filehost who cheating me..
jetload rate also good.. same like what jetload said..

my last word for all new user, doing business with jetload is good idea..
their support always answer your question and really nice..
the main think is they ALWAYS PAY in time without question..

Thanks for this Christmas give away, never believe if i got $100 directly without cut to my account..
also thanks for 25% payout bonus..

Keep good work jetload.. i always to be your business partner..

Best regards,
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