How to know which mobile network operator offers the best network?

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Each country has a number of different popular mobile network operator. And the commonly encountered problem on the forums is not knowing which MNO's network quality is the best.The way I often use to know that is to compare the speeds of the networks with each other using the Speedtest application.

The way the app works is very simple. When choosing the two types of networks to compare, the application will still display the three basic metrics of each network, namely ping, upload and download speeds. And of course display both the results of the comparison in the easiest to see way.

In addition, the application also has other outstanding features such as:

✔Easy-to-see and user-friendly interface.
✔Keep a history of your tests.
✔Network speed measurement graph displays general statistics to help users monitor the stability of the network quality.

These features will help you in the process of testing, monitoring and evaluating the quality of your network. From there, you will have an overview to evaluate which is the best and most suitable MNO for you.

How about you? Which way do you usually use to choose the best mobile network operator?
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