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@IGdwight, usually we send BTC payouts on Wednesday-Friday period.

@terrorconsub, check your PM, please.
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I hope everybody is having a good day today and I’m about to make it better!

We are introducing new Pay per Download program and announcing its test run! We have spent a lot of time to develop new PPD algorithms that will allow partners to significantly increase their earnings.

To test this amazing system out, we are accepting only 5 webmasters! Submit your application to me here, via email or through our site, applications are accepted between May 18th and May 24th. We will get in touch with everybody and select 5 best applications by the end of this week.

Those selected will have a week to get their material ready and start testing (making big money) starting June 1st!

There are special terms and conditions. First of all, there will be no hold. You will be able to get paid weekly right from the start. You will also need to post a screenshot of your stats here every week.

If you never worked with Filejoker but were interested to try or did at some point but aren’t now, this is your time, however you should hurry, we will only accept 5 best webmasters to this new program!
PPD is for people likes getting robbed hard...


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Hello to all,
I can confirmed that I am satisfied with FJ this month so far.
Last month was awfull with 7 or more days without sales.
Yep, there is some issues, but I don't want go into public with them, rather discuss with support.

Due to rebills, it is poor, that is true, but sales goes quite fine, so I have no complains.
I hope that this month will be ended maybe with highest profit in my last 5 years, but this is not only up to FJ, it is hard working, strategies, massive research, finding keywords and many other activities.
So, this is my 2C for this month.

Good luck to all.
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