1. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Hey, affiliates!

    Let us make a brief intro about Everad.

    We are a prime affiliate network in NUTRA COD vertical.

    After a successful start on the CIS market, we are constantly growing and expanding our business worldwide.

    Today we are proud of our achievements in all respects: 150+ in-house COD offers, 40+ GEOs (CIS, Europe and Asia) and local call centers with 1200+ call operators.


    This combo gives us an opportunity to fully satisfy and even exceed all expectations of our 5000+ active partners.


    Would you become one of those with a seamless flow of money?

    Just give us a shout and we would love to help you realize your full potential. Here is a brief summary of how we do this:


    Our in-house offers are totally best in their category. They allow us to keep the highest payouts and provide millions of dollars to our partners.

    A solid tracking system developed by our own team includes integration with trackers, accurate analytics, permanent supply with converting promo, including pre-lands and creatives translated by natives. Such a solution guarantees ultra-high EPC.

    No worries about your traffic type! Everad accepts traffic from all the most-popular traffic sources, starting from Facebook and to various native sources!


    Own call centers in various cities with 1200+ operators and exclusive call-back technologies deliver 60%+ approve ratio.

    And you have no chance to meet cash flow problems. This is totally impossible because of our daily payments.

    So stop wasting your time, sign up for Everad and start making a really great profit with top nutra offers!
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  2. Everad

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    Jul 6, 2018
    Hey, affiliates!

    Let's say hello to ZenMate's VPN deal!

    Grab an extra 38%* off and get cleaner, safer, and limitless internet!


    These are all bonuses you get:
    - All locked resources for your work will be available for you
    - Safe connection to any public wi-fi without exposing your personal data
    - You can unblock any content you want!
    - Your data is encrypted and you are safe from being tracked while you are browsing

    To get safe access to everything is easy - use this ZenMate's VPN deal link!

    *in USD currency
  3. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Hey, affiliates!

    Everad got accustomed to break into every business week with hot news. This Monday we shook up the Asian market once again. You ask how? EASY! Just by making GEO Vietnam unlocked!


    Profitable benefits from Everad are always at your service:

    • TOP nutra offers with payouts starting from $16
    • native promo translations on demand
    • custom landing pages with highest CR
    • instant payments

    Vietnamese call-center with local speakers is ready to process your leads and convert them all into approved orders!
    So don't hesitate to get full info about GEO Vietnam here. Once you've absorbed info, just contact your personal affiliate manager and get to the top together with Everad.
  4. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Hey, affiliates!

    Wanna keep up about trendy and profitable niches, traffic sources insights and promising directions in affiliate marketing? How about meeting super-affiliate experts and making new friends?

    Everad presents an overview of TOP affiliate marketing conferences that are held in 2018-2019. Here you go!

  5. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Hey, guys!

    How do affiliates determine the level of effectiveness of their campaigns? Just by one thing - PROFIT.

    Profit is the only obvious daily thought in everyone's head who works in affiliate marketing. Everad knows the price of this word and attracts many useful services to help you reach each of your job goals.

    Today we are happy to announce you about the great 25% lifetime discount from WhatRunsWhere tool.

    WRW will help you to push your media buying efforts on not just choosing new advertising strategies but on real ROI improving.

    We strongly recommend you not to pass by a 25% lifetime discount on this must-have media buying tool. Here is what you can do with WRW:

    • See the top performing creatives in your market or niche
    • Easily identify winning campaigns to inform your own strategy
    • Find new traffic sources and reach larger audiences
    • Access best-in-class data across 7 of the largest online markets
    • Stay up-to-date on the ins and outs of your competitors' strategies
    • Understand key trends across desktop, mobile and native channels

    Sounds great, isn’t it? Let’s check it all right now!
    Just go to WRW and use this promo code EVERAD25 and get your lower price for any package.
  6. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Affiliate marketing is a booming and profitable business which attracts smart marketers with its various verticals on any taste: dating, games, real estate, pin submits, education, gambling, nutra and many others!

    What niche to choose to get profit faster, easier and with more stability?

    Why 5000+ Everad’s partners choose one and only NUTRA?


    We shared our opinion to help you in figuring it out!

    All the answers about what you have to know about nutra vertical are here >>>
  7. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Hey, affiliates!

    To stay edgy, Everad constantly holds discussions on new profitable nutra niches, COD offers and traffic sources.

    Today we are pleased to introduce you a traffic source, that we have already test-drived and can absolutely recommend!


    MegaPush is one of the pioneers in push-notifications ad format landscape.

    Sign up to this traffic source now and get 10% bonus on first deposit. Easy way to get bonus:

    1. Register your megapu.sh account
    2. Make a first deposit (min dep is $100)
    3. Tell your registration email to Everad's affiliate manager
    4. Get a bonus to your account balance

    Here is the brief list of MegaPush advantages:

    • good quality of traffic (we have tried it and performance was steady)
    • wide geography (197 countries)
    • 12 million clicks daily
    • cheap clicks - cost starts from $0,001
    • fast moderation, friendly support
    • easy and custom campaign setting
    • 10% welcome bonus from Everad

    If you already make money on nutra offers or rather want to try this vertical, MegaPush is a good option for every affiliate!
  8. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018

    Do you keep up about affiliate marketing trends and profitable verticals?
    Either you look for business partners to exchange your experience, ideas and spend a good time in AM environment?

    We are pleased to invite you to the international Kiev Affiliate Conference, which will take place in a hero city - Kiev, the 3rd of October!

    Everad is a Diamond Sponsor of this MAC'18 conference, that's why you'll have the very best pastime here!

    Lengthy list of reasons why you must come to Kiev Affiliate Conference:

    • make new friends
    • compete for prizes in various contests
    • meet industry people and TOP-affiliates
    • listen to useful speeches, improve your skills and knowledge
    • chat to Everad Team (STAND #2)
    • discuss the most profitable working conditions
    • have fun at the outstanding afterparty!

    Conference will take place in modern convention and exhibition center "Parkovy". Afterparty will be held in trendy nightclub CHI, that is conveniently located in the same building.

    Let's recall that Everad Team will be waiting for you at Stand #2 (the huge one): you'll have time to speak about all important things and get a gift from us :)

    Here are the PROMO CODES you need to GET -20% OFF tickets: EVERADGOLD & EVERADVIP.

    Use them at the official website: goo.gl/ahj388
  9. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018

    Hey, affiliates!

    Kiev Affiliate Conference is around the corner and we're getting ready to rock!

    Everad is taking care of their affiliates, as always! That’s why we decided to go as a general sponsor of the official preparty, co-organised by ABC and MAC’18 teams.

    Free entrance for all Kiev Affiliate Conference attendees and ABC invited members! Now there is no need to think where to go the night before conference. The answer is obvious!

    Here is the brief list of reasons why you have to come:

    • welcome drinks
    • luxurious atmosphere
    • networking activities
    • and, of course, exclusive service for all Everad partners (networking preparty platinum sponsor)

    Start time:
    6PM, October 2. Location: D.Fleur Club

    P.S. If you don’t have ticket yet, hurry up and get it with 20% discount. Promocodes: EVERADGOLD & EVERADVIP.

    Booking and info: http://kiev.affiliateconf.com/
    ABC meetup event: https://www.facebook.com/events/690604527955546/

    Stay tuned!
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  10. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Kiev Affiliate Conference by MAC’18 will be held in the capital of our motherland Ukraine, on the 3d of October.

    We're always keeping abreast of what you need for the best pastime here during MAC holidays.

    Check out The Ultimate Kyiv Guide by Everad: https://bit.ly/2MZ8kwh

    And welcome to Kyiv, bro!
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  11. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018

    Kiev Affiliate Conference by MAC was held on October 3, in Kiev. Everad was glad to sponsor this unbelievable performance.

    As usual, MAC was full of unique networking opportunities, sharing new ideas, and lots of fun at the afterparty.

    And now we are ready to share some feedback with you.

    MAC'18 in Kiev, how it was: https://bit.ly/2C5sCCF
  12. vuonghaui

    vuonghaui Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2017
    are you have asian offer?
  13. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018

    Do you have any plans for the beginning of this winter? Ooooooooooh, we do!

    Affiliate World Asia 2018 is coming!

    True, beginning of december's going to be hot. It caused by the world’s premier gathering of influential affiliate entrepreneurs.


    Get ready for this must-attend global event for super affiliates:

    • over 3000 attendees
    • 300+ advertisers, traffic sources and affiliate networks
    • expert speeches
    • awesome master-minds featuring the absolutely best affiliate gurus
    • one of the biggest exhibitions in industry
    • networking party, drinks and fun activities

    Everad team will be there too. Meet us at both #B28.

    5-6 december. Bangkok, Thailand.

    Tickets and more information here: https://affiliateworldconferences.com/asia/

    See you in Thai, guys!
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  14. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018
  15. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018

    Germany is a good geo for running ads with H&B COD offers.

    Quality audience and good own nutra offers provide top ROI in the niche.

    But what are the main tricks of German geo? What approaches can we use and what should be avoided?

    Read in the article: https://bit.ly/2Jafpdu
  16. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018


    We are glad to introduce you RedTrack - advanced SaaS performance campaign tracking and analytics platform - http://redtrack.io

    For Everad’s partners, we have created special conditions for using this cloud affiliate campaign tracker.

    Easy way to step-up your ROI game at a very low price:
    1️. Sign up on the tracker’s website
    2️. During registration place promo code to get discount:
    • 50% discount for 1 month with PROMO CODE Everad_50
    • 25% discount for 3 months with PROMO CODE Everad_25

    (Both of them available for registration on any paid subscription plan)
    3️. Manage your advertising campaign more easy!

    Here is manual for the integration of our affiliate network in RedTrack: https://bit.ly/2yzTHLU

    Briefly about RedTrack’s advantages you’ll get:
    • direct traffic tracking pixel
    • unique visitor cap
    • bot/proxy filter
    • LP Protect
    • multi-access
    • 30+ metrics for traffic monitoring and analysis
    • flexible postback settings.
    Don’t waste your time and start using the tracker right now!
  17. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018


    Sharing with you TOP-5 in-house COD nutra offers in November.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to get good income this month. Start runnning traffic right now!

    Check out all the offers here.

    Contact your Everad personal AM for more details!
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  18. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018


    We are announcing integration with the PeerClick.Com service and giving you presents on this occasion!

    Use promo code EVERAD-PROMO and get 30 days of free plan + 55% discount on first billing plan.

    PeerClick - SAAS tracking software that provides you with profound data analytics and AI-powered optimization tools to maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic.

    Pros of working with the tracker:
    • cloaking
    • you can pay in any currency
    • maximum download speed of any reports
    • there are no restrictions on the volume of traffic
    • instant redirects around the world
    • no additional purchases (server, geo-bases, bot bases, etc.)
    Сheck out all tracker features right now ;)
  19. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018


    One more good news for affiliates!

    Everad started to collaborate with BeMob.Com – cloud traffic and tracking management platform.

    Use promo code EVERAD50, get $50 bonus for using BeMob (bonus can be spended on the purchase of the plan or cover part of it)!

    Sign up with the promo code and get free access to the basic plan (100k events) + 1 mil extra events for overages.

    What benefits does this platform offer?

    • Secure cloud-hosted tracker
    • Traffic tracking and distribution system
    • Instant redirects
    • Custom redirect domains
    • Real-time statistics and data reporting
    • Mobile tracking
    • Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

    Hurry up to catch your part of advantageous terms for using
    BeMob and start getting more profit from your ad campaigns!
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  20. Everad

    Everad Active Member

    Jul 6, 2018

    Just as Everad is your best friend in nutra offers, Voluum is the real giant in ad tracking!

    Manage, analyze and optimize your ad campaigns using this all-in-one solution. It's a no-brainer that using Voluum will help you to increase profit, even if you're not an affiliate guru yet (and even more so if you are)!

    Together, Everad and Voluum are the perfect combination of what you need to run the most efficient ads in two clicks with minimum risk to get red campaign.

    Voluum features in a nutshell:

    • fastest redirects
    • direct tracking pixel
    • great performance while running massive volumes
    • traffic distribution AI
    • collaboration tools (extremely useful for affiliate teams)
    • SSL for custom domains and other tools!

    And YES!

    Everad brings you an exclusive -30% discount for the first 12 months.

    Sign up for Voluum tracker and monetize your nutra traffic with top profitable offers from Everad!

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