1. Everad

    Everad New Member

    Jul 6, 2018
    Hey, affiliates!

    Let us make a brief intro about Everad.

    We are a prime affiliate network in NUTRA COD vertical.

    After a successful start on the CIS market, we are constantly growing and expanding our business worldwide. Today we are proud of our achievements in all respects: 100+ in-house COD offers, 40+ GEOs including CIS, Europe and Asia, 9 local call centers with 1200+ call operators. This combo gives us an opportunity to fully satisfy and even exceed all expectations of our 5000+ active partners.

    Would you become one of those with a seamless flow of money? Just give us a shout and we would love to help you realize your full potential. Here is a brief summary of how we do this.

    Our in-house COD offers are totally best in their category. They allow us to keep the highest payouts and provide millions of dollars to our partners.

    A solid tracking system developed by our own team includes integration with trackers, accurate analytics, permanent supply with converting promo, including pre-lands and creatives translated by natives. Such a solution guarantees ultra-high EPC.

    Own 9 call centers in different cities with 1200+ operators and exclusive call-back technologies deliver 60%+ approve ratio.

    And you have no chance to meet with cash flow problems. This is totally impossible with our daily payments.

    So stop waste your time, sign up here, and start making a really great profit with Everad.


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