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Dear webmasters and forum members!

We present you a platform -, to which moved our official affiliate programs and

CostAction - a new unified interface for webmasters, which unites all sections of the statistics and earnings, working conditions, and the description of tariff plans and partnership programs of and

Work with files as usual remains the primary domain. So you need upload files \ share link on or, and check statistics and earnings via CostAction.

We offer a wide choice of directions and opportunities to monetize your file traffic, we guarantee stability, high profits and steady growth!

Our main tariffs

Pay per download (PPD - All inclusive) - up to $ 20 per 1000 downloads
- count unique downloads of your account;
- count incomplete download;
- accept traffic from all countries;
- no on the file size restrictions for free downloads.
See rate schedule countries can be on this page (for registred users).

Payment for premium sale (PPS) - 60%of sales, 40% of rebills
- A large number of ways of of accepting payments, and a few merchants for accepting credit cards
- Automatic subscription for credit cards and a variety of mobile subscriptions (sms, wap, internet +, etc.)
- Pay all future rebills without prescription and no matter if user deletes cookies, source file, or other factors.

Payment for downloading and selling both (Mixed) - up to $ 7 per 1,000 downloads + 40% for sale+ 30% for rebill
The ideal option for a new, unexplored traffic. Includes all the benefits of tariff PPD and PPS.

See rate schedule countries can this page (for registered users).

Additional earnings

Referral system (turbobit)
Attract new partners and get a percent of their earnings:
-20% of each involved partner earnings (level 1 referral)
-5% of the earnings of each new partner, attracted by your partner (level 2 referral )

For simplicity, we have prepared a special, bright promo banners (for registered users)!

Sites Referrals
Earn posting turbobit \ hitfile links on your site .
We pay 10% on turbobit and 15% on hitfile, for every sale from your website, blog, forum, no matter of who is the owner of the file.

Loyalty program "Gold Partners" (turbobit)

Increase earnings and bonuses if you are constant and successful partner:
85% of sales for PPS, up to 60% of sales +$ 8.75 per 1000 downloads for Mixed plan and to $ 25 per 1000 downloads for PPD.

Payment for using downloaders (turbobit)
You can set downloading of your files via special program loader.
You will get reward for each installation of the advertising software!

Why is it worth to work with us?

-We have been working for more than 5 years
-Minimum payout is only $ 10
-Stable payments 3 times a week to Webmoney and 1 time per week to Paypal, Payza, Yandex Money and QIWI
-The detailed statistics and convenient interface for working with files
-Large choice of tariff plans with high deductions
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