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    Jul 19, 2013
    [h=5]Nginx[/h]Nginx is source compile to allow more flexibility with 3rd party Nginx module integration. Updates can be done via centmin.sh menu option #4.

    [h=5]PHP (Php-Fpm)[/h]PHP is source compiled as PHP-FPM handler with additional compiled PHP extensions in the default configuration.

    [h=5]MariaDB MySQL[/h]MariaDB 10.x MySQL performance fork is used by default as an alternative to official Oracle MySQL Servers and is installed via official MariaDB RPMs.

    [h=5]Nginx Vhost Setup[/h]Add site domains to Nginx via the shell scripted menu option #2 which will automatically generate the Nginx vhost config file and appropriate vhost directory structure.

    [h=5]Nginx PageSpeed[/h]Google ngx_pagespeed module speeds up your site, reduces page load time & automatically applies Google recommended practices to pages and assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) automatically.

    [h=5]Nginx Lua[/h]
    Nginx is compiled with OpenResty Lua & Cloudflare Lua based Nginx modules support along with LuaJIT 2.1. Additional Nginx Lua modules maybe added as needed. Full list of supported Nginx Lua modules arehere.

    [h=5]Nginx SPDY & HTTP/2 SSL + LibreSSL[/h]Nginx HTTPS SPDY/3.1 / HTTP/2 SSL support is compiled statically via OpenSSL forked, LibreSSL 2.2 for native support for new TLS/SSL ciphers like chacha20_poly1305. Full details here.

    [h=5]Nginx Vhost Statistics[/h]Nginx is compiled with Nginx Vhost Traffic Statistics module to provide per vhost site domain statistics including cache & upstream group statistics which can be disabled or enabled.

    [h=5]Nginx OpenResty Modules[/h]Nginx web server is compiled with additional Nginx modules from OpenResty to extend Nginx's feature set. A full list of these additional Nginx OpenResty modules are listed here.

    [h=5]Centmin Mod Addons[/h]Official Centmin Mod Addons will provide standalone bash shell scripts to install additional features and possibly be open for third party contribution as well. Full details here.

    [h=5]@Yourdomain.Com Emails[/h]How to setup free @yourdomain.com email accounts on Centmin Mod LEMP web stack. There are various free email provider solutions you can use to provide reliable & secure @yourdomain.com emails. Full details here.

    [h=5]Memcached Server[/h]When you first install Centmin Mod via menu option #1, Memcached server will automatically be installed and started. You have an option within init.d/memcached to start 1 or 2 instances of Memcached servers on different ports.

    [h=5]CSF Firewall[/h]CSF Firewall software is automatically installed and configured for all your services for better security. Full details here.

    [h=5]OpenLiteSpeed Integration[/h]OpenLiteSpeed integration planned soon. Full details here.

    [h=5]Third Party YUM Repos[/h]Various 3rd party YUM repositories are included with Centmin Mod LEMP install. These include EPEL, RPMForge, Remi, Axivo, Percona, Varnish YUM repositories. Centmin Mod uses YUM Priorities plugin to manage the additional 3rd party YUM repos. Full details here.

    CentminMod.com LEMP Fully Optimized Nginx web stack for CentOS

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    Jul 2, 2019
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