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    Video Tutorial Wordpress Site

    Are you looking for free or paid themes?
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    The author access after paying with Bitcoin in wordpress

    What major steps you have done for a user to pay via bitcoin? Are you redirecting user to the bitcoin website for the payment or any other confirmation reference code? As it can be done with the help of Advance Custom Field, and you can add the conditional logic which can change the user role aswell
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    Looking for a theme of wordpress for wallaper website

    I suggest you to use the default theme and style the layout as per what you have designed. If you want the scree-saver to be downloadable you can add the WOOComerce plugin which does this job.
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    Other Adult theme

    What features do you want in it? You can install any free theme and make it style like anything you want?
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    How to do SEO for website?

    PM me the link of your website, I may suggest you some tricks.
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    how to get more traffic to my website?

    Content is the king, if you have a content which attracts will automatically drive traffic to your website, you will not have to work hard for the SEO after that, but if you have duplicated content that will not give you fair results, I am sharing my experience, i had a client who runs...
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    Best List of SEO Tools

    THanks for this, indeed a good share.
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    plz i need help necessary

    How come you know that your visitors are not able to view the ads? Share the link with me on PM.
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    How to show image in category description

    How did you add the image on the category description? Are you using any plugin for that purpose or just simple embed the html code? come at PM i'll solve the issue.
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    Top 3 Best Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes 2016

    Nice collection, thanks.
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    German Post Thread automatically

    Could you please explain it more what exactly you would like to achieve?
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    How you Optimize Wordpress blog ? share what you do

    Just as CK13 said, using multiple plugins will not affect your website in anyway, I prefer to use the APIs from some reputable website as sometimes the API takes much time to load which automatically increases the load time of the website. Use optimized image for every screen resolution...
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    Free SEO keywords generator

    There are multiple keyword research tool analysis, but I would go with the Google Keyword Planner as it will give u best results.
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    best browser?

    Without any doubt, Google Chrome!
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    Best Movie Ever watched?

    It depends about the movie genre, I like mystery and suspense type of movies. The movies which I have recently watched are: The Game (1999) and The Prisoners! and I must recommend it to everyone.
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    Life and Goals

    I think it's better to set goals, so I see myself a stable person financially in the next 5 years working for none but for myself. I have built my own portals which might take some time to get penetrate in the market, hope for the best!
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    Download direct apk obb last and all version is the website where I usually download direct apk files, as I have seen some restrictions on apps.
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    Search engine optimization

    He sums up the answer, try to post the original quality content and try to update the website regularly..
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    Best keyword tool?

    Google Keyword Planner is my choice, rest of them can not give you the accurate results..
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    google stopped indexing all my sites?

    If it's DMCA, you must have received the emails from the owners, check the IP which you're using as if its blacklisted or not..sometimes the IP got blacklisted by promoting spam inform of emails..
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