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    Other Looking for SSD RDP

    Looking for SSD RDP Requirments Location : Netherlands 300GB SSD 2GBPS or 10GBPS full duplex with unlimited bandwidth Min 32GB Ram Should allow Private torrents. Payments via webmoney only I need to see the demo before buying. Please PM me with Demo details and price Shared RDP server NOT...
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    Negative Negative - Coin RDP

    Well it is a long story. I started using 10GBPs Hound when they initially started it. I always wanted to have a RDP which is trusted. I have used many RDP service providers in the past 7 years and most of them were very positive. I had to leave them because either they stopped the service or...
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    Please don't deal with Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ

    Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ's is a scammer. Never ever do any currency exchange with this Idiot His Service Thread ([pz-|-btc-|-pm-|-ltc-|-wmz-|-mb|-indian-bank].html ) Inspite of giving him multiple attempts to pay, He scammed me...
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    Selling blog

    Selling warez blog. Will be giving complete domain+site which runs on wordpress. I don't have time to manage this blog as I have become busy. Assume no revenue as I have not put any ads. Getting around 250 visitors/day. Site is around 10 months. Just do some SEO to this site and you...
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    [Hiring] Need a script

    Hello, I need a script which does everything below automatically. I have contacted a person, but there price is high. So if you can develop. Please PM me with your price and time you need. Need a Fully automated Bot Which can auto leech/download from Torrents grab info and cover of movies...
  6. J banned my account

    It was payout time,requested my first $50 and and they banned my account. I sent a mail asking for the reason and there was no reply. So suggest everyone to take a wise decision before using them
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    Selling Humor Website going cheap

    ok MODS please close this thread. SITE SOLD TO minimouse
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    Hiring Automation expert to automate few things

    I don't mind what tool you use to automate. But I need few things to automate. It should include both web automation and launching few windows application as well. The automated program has to run on windows. Please PM me for more details and show me your past automation which you have done.
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    Need Facebook TimeLine Banner

    Please close this thread mods, I got the work done. Thx everyone !!
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    Dedicated Need a Good Shared Hosting

    Mods plz close this thread I got the hosting
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    [Paid] 6$ logo Contest-24hrs

    I Need a logo done for .Payment via Paypal or Payaz (AlertPay). You should give me the Psd source file Requirements 1. Since the site will be for Funny things, Add a smilie. I want the O in word jOy to be smiling. 3. Please use Bold and decent looking Fonts 2. The color of word Joy...
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    Hiring A Server Expert

    As the title says I need a Server Expert who knows everything about the server, optimizing and securing the server for a project . Should be able to decide and optimize when user increases. I am looking for old Members to reply here. Will be paid on a monthly basis via paypal Thx in advance.
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    Scammed by NewRDP

    Asusual the old scammer Nirav kumar, scammed again. His thread closed. So I request all mods not to allow any new members from creating RDP or hositng business because one will be Nirav. I have his Bank Account no. His yahoo ID : harsh_soni73 His RDP is offline and his site is...
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    Other Need RDP

    1 GBps Port Speed Bandwidth:Unmetered Space 100GB PAyment : Alertpay or paypal If you can give me a demo account. Please PM me I will choose the best RDP after the demo Edit Location : NL or FR
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    Dedicated Server

    Need for personal use. Must allow warez. Also need help in setting up it or configuring. Ram = 16GB HD = 2TB 100mbps connection Payment via Paypal. Please reply here. Thx in Advance :)
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    The Expendables 2 Trailer

    Can't wait to see this movie which includes Van Damme, Chuck norris. Even Arnold is seen in some Scenes
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    Need Help !! What is the Ratio ??

    For adult cam affiliates like live jasmin etc. I mean the user conversion for premium account if you have a traffic like say 30,000 UV/day. Please share if you have experienced with adult cam affiliates Thx in advance !! :)
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    Selling Adult Porn Blog|PR1|1k UV daily !!

    Hi everyone I am selling my porn blog . It is PR1, Phaze 1* 1.5 year old site. I was getting around 2kUV/day last month. Now decreased to almost 1k UV/day, since phaze is down and I have stopped posting content to mysite from 1 week If you start posting and submit to ddl sites...
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    Selling Facebook FanPage 2k likes

    I am selling this fapage with 2k likes. I purchased these 2k likes from one of a member at a popular forum. It contains 1k US/UK like and 1k Rest of the world fans. I don't have anything in mind. I will start with the auction. I need money so I am selling it. This is a Humor niche fanpage No...
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    Selling Adult Porn Blog|PR1|1400 UV |Cheap BIN

    Hi everyone I am selling my porn blog . It is PR1, Phaze 1* 1.5 year old site. I was getting around 2kUV/day last month. Domain Age : 1.5 years Now again the traffic is picking up. I am getting around 1.4k UV/day only posting once or twice a week. If posted regularly traffic...
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