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  1. Occult

    Can payments be disputed in payoneer?

    I am trying to work with a freelancer from Pakistan and he wants me to use Xoom. I told him I cannot do that frequently, since its a remittance app plus it discloses every single bit of my info to person receiving payment. I looked into Payoneer but only issue is, I need a payment processor...
  2. Occult

    Need a VPS

    I am looking for a VPS for my website. Will need payment option of bitcoin along with cpanel. Only looking to host one website, so nothing big is needed, so offer me your best deals!
  3. Occult

    Selling 3 Month LinkedIn Premium - $50

    I am selling codes for you to acquire LinkedIn premium status for 3 months. I am going to be pricing them at $50 for 3 months, and if you come back to buy more, I will provide discounts. PM me on WJ to make this deal happen. Payment method: BTC only. I might take PP, but at my own...
  4. Occult

    Hiring Wordpress Developer/Graphic Designer

    I am planning on launching a site relatively soon and need help changing the design of the theme suitable for my needs. Please hit me up in PM if you can do this asap!
  5. Occult

    WP developer

    Looking for a WP dev and designer who can help me customize a WP template, which will be bought from themeforest. Hit me up asap on PM or add me on discord: Bear#0980
  6. Occult

    Service interest here

    What kind of products or services would people like to see here in WJ? I know the traffic is not as how it used to be once, but still scanning the market here. It could be anything, lets see some suggestions or opinions.
  7. Occult

    50% off Lyft codes

    Would people be interested to buy 50% Lyft codes? They are not obtained using any fraudulent methods. So you can buy $100 worth of Lyft code for $50. These are legit codes. Just trying to see if there is any interest for this on here. Or if I can even sell it, staff input would be appreciated.
  8. Occult

    For Hire Programmer for hire

    I am looking to take on projects. What I can do for you: Web development Social media bots Mobile app APIs Scrapers Web automation of any kind Unix/Linux related programs Use your imagination and I can code it for you. Languages I code in: Python C# C C++ PERL PHP Java Shell Scripting...
  9. Occult

    Thread design and signature

    Hey all, I need a thread design and a signature made. I will disclose more information on what it is after we talk upon my approval of your portfolio. Deadline does not matter much if you can produce quality work within a reasonable price. Keep in mind, I am looking for an artist, not just...
  10. Occult

    Buying Youtube auto comment

    I am looking for a script, bot or app of some sort that will allow me to auto comment on Youtube. Every comment will be different on every video link. I will feed it video link and what to post on that video link, it will auto comment all of the videos. Shouldn't be a hard task. PM me with...
  11. Occult

    Curious if this is allowed here?

    So I have been working on some great methods of making money online. I cannot discuss online, neither will I share it with anyone for free. I was curious to know if I can sell these methods here on WJ. There is nothing illegal in any of the methods, it's just simply put together a few pieces of...
  12. Occult

    Programmer looking for tasks.

    It's in the middle of winter and I am bored, so I will take in programming jobs to kill time. I can code in C++, Java, Python, Ruby, SQL and shell scripting. If you need something done, just send me what you need in PM and I will quote you the time and price required. I will not entertain any...
  13. Occult

    Various ebooks available for free every day This site offers a free ebook every day and it stays available for 24 hours. Thought it could be a good resource for people who like to read books and learn/sharpen their skills.
  14. Occult

    Need RDP with linux distro.

    I am looking for a RDP with the linux distribution, Kali. I am still not sure how much resource I would be needing but I am open to starting with something basic and then work my way up as per need. Please don't try to sell me something in an oversold machine, as that will not fly with me. All...
  15. Occult

    Sceneaccess opens up sign up. has opened up their sign up process till end of month or till user limit is reached, so hurry! The full site is freeleech right now, so it's an awesome time to go sign up and use the perks. Enjoy ;)
  16. Occult

    RIPPLE MEGA THREAD | Investments Thread |

    I've created this thread to talk about the current trends on XRP (Ripple), investments and theories!
  17. Occult

    Upgrading spare Mac

    So I have a macbook pro mid 2012 13" which needs a new cooling fan. I was thinking of upgrading the RAM as well. Anyone has advice on where to buy these hardware from at a reasonable price? I don't need top notch quality since it's an old laptop but paying $100 for just RAM upgrade seems a...
  18. Occult

    Chester Bennington - Rest in Peace

    I don't know about most of you, but a major part of my young years held up Linkin Park and this man at a very high regard. I am sure at some point of life, their songs have inspired us or helped get through many things. As a person who suffers from depression myself, I can understand what kind...
  19. Occult

    What kind of machine would I need?

    If I am planning on mining coins and want to rent a server to do it, what kind of machine/cluster would I need to achieve about 1TH/s?
  20. Occult

    Cryptocurrency Predictions and Discussion Thread

    Im sure you guys have noticed how the market has been going up and down like a roller coaster. Eth was at $188 yesterday and today it's back at $220. BTC made some loss too, but is back up some now. Lets discuss our predictions and what to dos in this thread. Please post articles or proof of...
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