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    PropellerAds Ad Network | Banners, Popunders, Mobile (Official Thread)

    Can't get may payment because the need gov. ID
  2. CYCX

    ( Question ) How to make website url ww1 or ww2

    Hello, I'm looking for tutorial of how to make my website domain like this ( I search online and did not find any tutorial. Thanks in advance for the help :) I'm using cloudflare and shared hosting server.
  3. CYCX

    I need help. My website is 11 months under DDOs attack

    everything is ok now. thanks for the help :)
  4. CYCX

    I need help. My website is 11 months under DDOs attack

    Thanks for all your help :) Here is the solution that works for me. First I created a cloudflare rules that redirect all search from bot to blank html page. Then I install Dave's WordPress Live Search plugin and disabled enter key on search. Now my website is up with live search bonus :D...
  5. CYCX

    10 days DDOS atack

    I'm using psyplay theme
  6. CYCX

    10 days DDOS atack

    after changing to "search" the search function is not working only going to homepage Thank You!
  7. CYCX

    10 days DDOS atack

    Hello, Please share the solution I have a wordpress that search function is under attack.
  8. CYCX

    I need help. My website is 11 months under DDOs attack

    @Gavo Thank You for the suggestion. I'm under attack is already enabled and it will not help at all. plus I created page rules and set the security to high on worpress ?s= search. Thank You I will search about memcached for wordpress. I'm newbie thats why its hard for me to setup and fix the...
  9. CYCX

    10 days DDOS atack

    Already did that. The attack is on my DNS with random http flood from different IP so changing server IP won't help. My website is already using cloudflare and activated all firewalls.
  10. CYCX

    10 days DDOS atack

    Any update? Can you share if you stop the DDOs attack? Can you share the solution. I'm experiencing the same attack like this for almost 1 year under attack
  11. CYCX

    I need help. My website is 11 months under DDOs attack

    I'm using VPS, already changed the ssh port but still no luck. Also i'm using kms-hosting with their layer 7 ddos protection. The website is not completely down. It will load very slow. Because the attack consume all cpu resources.
  12. CYCX

    I need help. My website is 11 months under DDOs attack

    Hello, I need help. My website is getting hit by big layer 7 DDOs and no and one can mitigate?. I tried many hosting company but they failed to protect my website. The attacker is targeting the DNS so moving to another new server IP is useless. Its been 11 months and until now i'm looking for...
  13. CYCX

    [] - Fast SSD VPS in Europe | From 2.10 $/mo, 1 GB RAM, 30-DAYS MONEY BACK

    Hello, I want to order VPS but first can i ask if i can request the installation of VDDdos proxy protection My current website is under ddos attack and i can't afford paid ddos mitigation.
  14. CYCX


    Nice Update! I hope you will also add tv series episodes from TMDb on the next update.
  15. CYCX

    Serverogen | Offshore Hosting | DMCA Ignored | Start From 1 $

    Using this service for my 2 websites, and not experiencing downtime.
  16. CYCX

    [Ask] Anyone knows what Ddos protection is this?

    Hello, Anyone knows what Ddos protection on this domain? openloadmovies(dot)net My website is under Ddos attack (layer 7) I hope someone will help me. I really need protection like this. Thank You.
  17. CYCX

    What is best offshore hosting with good DDOS protection?

    Hello, I need help. my website is down for about 4-5 months because of DDOS attack. Layer 7 attack I tried many hosting with DDOS protection but they can't mitigate the attack. The attack is multiple random search from different IP's or http get request. I've lost everything, SEO rank , my...
  18. CYCX


    Awesome API.. using this on my website. I have one question about openload link. If the video deleted. It will automatically add new working embed video?
  19. CYCX

    Selling Gomovies Clone Wordpress Theme 15$ only.

    Up! Thank you for buying the themes
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