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    VPS Seedbox purpose

    Hi guys, i am looking for a good VPS provider which can match the following requirements: CPU: 1 - 2 Cores RAM: 3 - 4GB HDD: 200 GB at least (no need for SSD) Port: 1gbit shared or at least 250mbps Location: Europe Budget: 20 euros max. The VPS will be used as my personal seedbox (no public...
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    Buying Adult streaming script/wordpress

    Hi guys, i am currently looking for an adult media streaming script or wordpress theme. one main feature has to be that i can embed videos from several hosters like openload,bitporno etc. and the user can choose which hoster he wants to use. i contacted toroplay but i got no reply via mail...
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    Other looking for reseller

    Hi, i am currently looking for resellers since networkarray isn't available anymore /: i am interested in this server: but i need windows OS with my own license. so please install windows server trial edition and i will add my...
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    Dedicated looking for Swiss/Switzerland Server

    Hey guys, i am looking for an dedicated server with the following specs: CPU: Intel E3 XXX RAM: at least 4GB HDD: nothing special 250gb would do the job network: i need ~ 120mbps 24/7 so i guess 200mbits would be good to have some air above :) location: swiss/switzerland Payment...
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    Other VPS/Dedicated | SSD | DDoS Protected | Offshore | Abuse friendly

    Hi guys, because verytime i make a thread here i have big success i want to do it again :) I want to move my board to another hoster because support is kind of shitty....response time is 24h or more.... Specs: CPU: dual core RAM 4GB RAM SSD: 20gb at least Network: 1gbps Bandwidth: 1-2 TB...
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    Dedicated High-End encoding server

    Hi, i am looking for an high-end dedicated server for encoding live streams. here are my specs: CPU: (2x) Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 or even better CPU !! RAM: 32GB HDD: 120GB SSD or 1TB HDD Network: 1GBPS Bandwidth: 10TB Location: should have a good connection to NL OS: Windows Server 2012 (will...
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    VPS SmartDC and SSD VPS

    Hi, i need a VPS which is located in SmartDC Datacentre NL. Specs: CPU: 2 Core or more RAM: at least 2GB Network: 1gbps Bandwidth: at least 2TB SSD: 20GB Budget: 20-30 Euro hope to get some offers. best regards
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    Dedicated streaming desktop from server - possible?

    Hi, i have a little weird purpose but i hope someone understand what i want to say^^ i want to capture a livestream from the internet with a tool that capture my desktop and stream it to my mediaserver. to make it more clear: i open my browser, go to for example, start a fullHD...
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    VPS looking for german VPS

    Hi guys, because isn't responding i have to find a new host. i am looking for a low budget VPS because i only want to use it for a VPN specs: RAM: 512MB network: 100mbit os enough traffic: 200gb or more price: 5 euro per month (the only really important spec :D ) and payment by...
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    Dedicated OVH/France + DDoS protection

    hi guys, i need a dedicated server from OVH with their DDoS protection! Specs: CPU: good dualcore RAM: 4-8GB bandwidth: a few TBs should do the job connection: 1gbit payment via bitcoins or webmoney would be ideal! budget: 40-60 euro please do not hesitate to offer me something :)
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    Russia datacenter for reselling

    Hi guys, currently i am looking for an reliable datacenter in russia which can offer great dedicated servers for VPS selling purpose. unfortunately i only discovered and they seem to be very expensive for "reselling". so maybe someone here can give me a good advice? or even better...
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    Bulletproof (Warez)Domains for Bitcoins,Webmoney

    I can provide you bulletproof domains which will withstand all DMCA takedown actions. the domains are registered in china but you will get your own control panel in english. You can manage your DNS servers,URL forwards yourself very easy. WHOIS protection is inclusive. the following TLD i...
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    German traffic is needed

    Hi guys, i have a moviesite that i want to release this week and i am still looking for some partners with good german traffic and the possibility to sell me some adspots or make a partnership. i have some other projects upcoming this year so a long term partnership would be great :) maybe...
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    Webmoney initial passport | documents

    Hi, need a webmoney intitial passport because i receive ~ 2.5keuro per month and send a high amount of WME. now my questions is do the documents has to be in english language? and is there anything i should worried about? i have not much experience with webmoney and other passports. best...
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    Buying jwplayer 6.9 license

    Hi, I have a streaming project and i want to use jwplayer 6.9 with hls support so my users can view my streams on all devices. but 299$ for one year is very expensive.....can someone share their license with me or know a cheaper way of getting it? I would pay in bitcoins, paypal or payza...
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    Dedicated OVH DDoS protected | 4-8GB RAM | Bitcoin

    Hi guys, i am looking for a reseller that can make me a good offer: dedicated server DC OVH DDoS protected! CPU: Intel Xeon RAM: 4-8GB HDD: - doesn't matter Network: 1gbps Traffic: at least 1TB or more Payment: bitcoins prefered Budget: let's see what you got :) you can also leave some...
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    10GBPS dedicated server am i right?

    Hey guys, i am curenttly using a 1gbps dedicated server and this weekend i had 640mbits in use at peak times! that's heavy i guess^^ i was in contact with my hoster and they made me a very good price for a 10gbps dedicated server. but am i right with my thinking: if i have a 10gbps port i...
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    looking for stream/video filehoster in euro

    Hey guys, does anyone here know stream/video file hoster which have a PPV program in euro? Here i can only find offers in USD^^ Or hoster which have germany in tier1 with a good rate. Best regards
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    alternative to tvstreamcms?

    Hello guys, does anyone of you know an good script/cms like tvstreamcms? i need to embbed videos from streamcloud into this site :) but tvstreamcms is pretty expenisve....200$ /: i hope you can help me^^ best regards
  20. K review - reseller program?

    Hi guys, i am planning my own hosting buisness(nothing really big it's more a private thing) and i am looking for an good DC in russia. i've found and their prices are looking good. but i have no experience with them that's why i'm asking here. does anybody here have some...
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