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    The 10 Best Smartphones

    How about Iphone 5SE
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    Review :

    haha..So the problem comes from my internet connection. (Lol)
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    Hello every body !

    Hello guys, I am Tamao. I am very happy to participate in this forum. I hope to contribute to the development of the forum. Always learn, grow together.
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    Logo Making Tutorial [Photoshop]

    It looks good. Tks bro
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    Which is the best logo design software?

    If you can use PTS, it will help you very much. Just PTS is enough !
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    Facebook Timeline Cover

    OMG.. So great ! I very like it :D
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    What do you think about my new logo? should I hire a logo designer to redo it?

    I think you should re-design it. I think the logo should be easy to look and easy to remember.
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    Logo Designer - Please review my work

    wow ! It look good. How much will I pay for a logo?
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    Review my site

    Can you change your menu. I feel it very simple. And your site is not responsive, it's not good for SEO.
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    Review: IcerBX

    Your site is not responsive. It's not good for mobile.
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    "Error establishing a database connection" (lol)
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    Review :

    I do not know from your server or at my internet but I feel your websites respond quite slowly. The background image is great, I very like it :D
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    I think the title of movies is not friendly. Change it to get pagerank in gg !
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    Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc..

    ok.. thanks for sharing. I will learn about eobot.
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    How To Get Free Traffic To Your Adult Website - Tips & Tricks

    haha.. Nice tips. I always wanted to create a adult website But it is banned in my country. It's so sad :( __________________ Added after 3 Days 1: haha.. Nice tips. I always wanted to create a adult website But it is banned in my country. It's so sad :(
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    How to get traffic without SEO and Google?

    join any social network like : facebook, linkedin, G+, youtube, pinterest, etc. It is very useful for increasing traffic
  17. T - Scam report

    I do not use adnow but my friends have ever used it. They also talk like you.
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    Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc..

    what do you think about the development of electronic money. Will they grow in the long run? I want to invest a bit in bitcoin but afraid it will drop. Do you have another idea ?
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    28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website

    thank you for your information. It help me a lot.
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    Ways To Make Money Online

    How about bitcoin. Do you know any website to get btc free ?
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