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    Need a logo

    please ..stay away who thinks a simple logo worth 40 -50 $ non-sense to me.. Paying 10 for best....if u fill post payment by paypal...need also you to installed it.
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    links exchange (porn site)

    if you're keen let me know..
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    Looking for reliable webmaster

    Looking for reliable webmaster based in india (best for me), to work on some contents for my wordpress website. We'lll discuss for payment time by time , in line with my requests...Pm me if you are skilled and trusty!! I've a friend 's webmaster , with litlle bit of time..he can just check if...
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    Buying Hiring uploaders (10$) for 30-40 full movies.

    updating...40 movies ..10$...platform is worspress..if you manage work on seo..i'm using YOAST plugin properly ....will be reduced to 30 movies,if not: DO NOT RUSH....i want fair quality articles...No time-waister. . Payment : paypal ONLY immediate after work...need to show me 2- 3...
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    I've just started,please don't be so cruel..i know ..i've to work a lot again..any suggestion is welcommed Thanks
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    [PAID] help on configuring access point TPLINK

    looking for an expert helping me configuring this product Basically i want to use it for reaching wireless another place at about 20 mtr of distance,where i've to connect wirelessly videogame consoles,tv's and so on. i don't know what to peack as...
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    Contest for porn streaming uploaders (100$)

    are u a porn uploaders? then have a try on this contest..... * required 30 PORN MOVIES ( not already been posted on site) * at least 3 hosters ( no datoporn/bitporno) ..suggested...
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    Featured image plugin

    to load covers from external link , i was using this plugin ..but is causing me some problems any alternatives to suggest? thanks
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    Comment to unlock

    Hi guys, anyone new any plugin that LOCKS SPECIFIC content in an article of wp,that can be UNLOCKED (wievable) forcing users to leave a comment on it? Thanks NO SOCIAL LOCKER, or OTHER TYPES thanks
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    [paying] submit your movie links (streaming mainly) is a streaming porn site mainly read following considering that. i'm paying 35$ for submitting 50 FULL MOVIES.ONE TIME ONLY. 1) contact me via pm for skype contact 2) Must be not already presents on site , so use search before posting 3) Use at least 3 streaming...
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    Permalinks problem [wordpress]

    Hi guys, i'm having some problems by making a simple thing: changing permalinks on my site (wordpress). as u can see in picture the only config working is plain., when i'd like to use of course custom one If i switch to any of others configuration i get this error Not Found The requested...
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    Help resizing sidebar on wp

    hi,can someone resize for me right sidebar in order to fit ads ? WARNING (Adult content in-site) please pm me with your skype __________________ Added after 1 Day 7 Hours: anyone?
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    (buying) twitters likes

    whenever possible i'm buying permanent twitter likes for my porn website.. if u can do it contact me via pm. thanks
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    problem after coding (wordpress)

    hi guys, i was about to make a change in THEME FUNCTION (wordpress) .. i've just added this code in order to have a chance to remove links ''Embedding,, I updated but something went wrong even removing it completely and updating site messed up. Can u help me on that? thanks if u fill full...
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    Wordpress image from external URL

    i bought this plugin ,in order to load featured images from an external host ,to avoid to place em on my server, but it won't work. Link2Featured Image Set featured image from external URL – uses a filter to replace the output of...
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    [PAID] site issue on WP 30$

    i'm looking for a wordpress expert t(webmaster)o fix a problem with my site.As consequence of a panel installation on my vps (vesta panel) ,something got corrupted and so site is down.Perhaps database,but not sure. 5 days have gone but assistance wasn't yet able to fix the problem.If u think u...
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    help needed [PAID]

    hi there , i messed with this plugin intention was to bulk resize featured images at wanted fixed size for all covers..without success.As a result grid pages looks a mess. I'm looking for someone who can set,as said, same size for featured...
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    theme installation help

    hi , i should installed a new theme with this structure. how should i proceed?..if i put files as they are they will be replacing existing one..(e.g files in WP-CONTENT/WP-ADMIN/WP-INCLUDES folder) thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    [paid] site restilyng

    I'm looking for a graphic site restilyng HEADER (with logo) ,BACKGROUND and coloring Must be done from zero. Paying 40$ for best...paypal. __________________ Added after 1 Day 20 Hours: none with a try? :-=
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    File hoster suggestion

    hi guys, is out there any file-hoster similar to openload? (so,free for download at maxium bandwidth) thanks
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